b'Conference programmeAEGC 2019CONFERENCE PROGRAMME CONFERENCE PROGRAMME Wednesday 4 September AEGC Conference 2019 programme Registration Open Crown Conference Convention Centre WABS Regional andRegional PotentialHistorical Field Studies Utilising potential fieldNew observations onmodelling to betterpaired end Permianinform on the 3Dimpacts craters in thestructural architectureBedout Sub-basin,in regions of excellentoffshore Westernstructural control Australia: relevance toRobin Armit local prospectivity andglobal plate tectonics Monash University Dariusz Jablonski Paper# 161 Mapping IOCG-relatedNew observations onAlteration using 3Dpaired end PermianGravity and Magneticimpacts craters in theInversion: An exampleBedout Sub-basin,offshore Westernfrom the Tennant CreekAustralia: relevance to Mount Isa region,local prospectivity andnorthern Australia James Goodwin global plate tectonics Dariusz Jablonski Geoscience Australia Paper# 214 Magnetic and gravityPermo-Triassichydrocarbon sourcesource models of thepotential of theGairdner Dolerites NWS: new insightsPhilip Heath from regionalGeological Survey ofpalaeogeographicalSouth Australia analyses and sourcePaper# 227 kitchen modelling Jarrad Grahame Mapping Sub-VolcanicThe Forgotten StoryGeology Usingof Australias Firstoffshore Wells Magnetic Data Stephen Markham Princess Royal Harbour,Albany, 1906. Archimedes Consulting Don Poynton Paper# 352 Exhibition Hall, Grand Ballroom 1010- 1040 Morning TeaRegional TargetingStudies Using MachineLearning Keynote: Sandy Occhipinti Keynote: SandyOcchipinti Integrating a MineralsSystems Approach withMachine Learning: ACase Study of ModernMinerals Explorationin the Mt Woods Inlier northern Gawler Craton,South Australia Mark Rieuwers SRK Consulting Paper# 301 Orogenic goldprospectivity mappingusing machine learning. Mike Mcmillan ComputationalGeosciences Inc Paper# 143Groundwater & NearMineral Case Studies:Surface I GeologyIIIBase Metals Century Zn deposittheBacking up theworlds largest meteoriteAEMunravellingimpacted orebody a palaeovalley fillFinbarr Murphy for groundwaterexploration in the APYFractore Lands Paper# 64 Carmen KrapfGeological Survey ofSouth Australia Paper# 239 Mapping theLitho-structural Controlshydrostratigraphy andon Mineralisation at thePillara Carbonate-hostedgroundwater salinityof the Ord BonaparteZn-Pb Deposit, LennardShelf District, Westernplains from AEM andNMR data Australia Dennis Arne Kok Piang Tan Telemark Geosciences Geoscience Australia Paper# 84 Paper# 313 Hydrothermal dolomiteA series of confusingdistribution in themeasurements in theEmanuel Range as asearch for water constraint on timing ofChris Wijns fault movement duringFirst Quantum Minerals mineralisation on thePaper# 204 Lennard Shelf, WesternAustralia Heather Middleton DPI Paper# 140 NovaBollinger NiCuAEM, Seismic andSulfide Ore Deposits,Power-lines: Ahydrogeological caseFraser Zone, Westernstudy in Peel, WesternAustralia: Petrology of theAustralia Host Intrusions, Sulfide- Andrew Pethick silicate Textures andEmplacement MechanismsCurtin University of the Ores Paper# 300 Valentina Taranovic CSIROMineral Resources Paper# 202 The Organising Committee reserves the right to alter the programme as circumstances dictateStratigraphy &Sedimentology WesternMargin II New insights intothe offshore CanningBasin using a seamlessonshore/offshore seismicstratigraphic model. Christopher Yule James Cook University Paper# 163 Palaeogeographicevolution of the Triassicsuccession, central NorthWest Shelf Steve Abbott Geoscience Australia Paper# 192 Significance of EarlyTriassic Conodont Zonesfrom Western Australia John Gorter Consultant Paper# 256 The Foura Sandstone typesection (Samaropollenitesspeciosus Zone, Carnianearly Norian; early LateTriassic), Timor-Leste:preliminary correlationbetween Timor and theBonaparte Basin Daniel Peyrot UWA Paper# 291 AEGC 2019 PROGRAMME SUBJECT TO CHANGEExperimental anddigital RP Keynote: Complete gas-brineimbibition relativepermeability curvesincrease confidence ingas field performance Michael Clennel CSIRO Paper# 332 Keynote: MichaelClennel he sampleboundary effect inthe low- frequencymeasurements of theelastic moduli of rocks Vassily Mikhaltsevitch Curtin University Paper# 193 Ultrasonicwave velocitiesmeasurements andseismic anisotropy atKarari gold deposit:Implications for goldexploration Andre Souza Curtin University Paper# 132CO2 Monitoringand modelling 1 Keynote: LindaStalker Keynote: LindaStalker In-SituLaboratory forCO2 Controlled-ReleaseExperiments andMonitoring ina Fault Zone inWestern Australia Ludovic Ricard CSIRO Paper# 354 Transforming anabandoned wellinto a permanentdownhole receiverarray: Harvey-3case study Evgenii Sidenko Curtin University Paper# 16807001730Room 0830-0855 0855-0920 0920-0945 0945-101055 PREVIEW AUGUST 2019'