b'Geophysics in the SurveysNewsGeological Survey of Queensland: Strategic Resources Exploration ProgramThe Queensland Governments Strategicseismic lines and was being conducteddelivery of data. GDMP is creating a data Resources Exploration Program (SREP)along existing roads and tracks aroundlake to support integrated searching and has just crossed the half-way point with aCamooweal by Terrex Seismic (Figure 2).lifecycle management of all data within variety of work underway. The survey covers part of the Georginaa single repository, with a catalogue to Basin, South Nicholson Basin, andstore metadata about objects to support Data acquisition will shortlyIsa Superbasin and aims to extendsearching across data types and formats. commence for the Cloncurry Extensionthe understanding of the regionalA pilot of the GSQ Open Data Portal Magnetotelluric Survey. This surveygeology and structural and depositionaldata lake and CKAN catalogue is now builds on the success of the 2016architecture of these basins followingaccessible at https://horizon.gsq.digital/. Cloncurry MT survey, extending dataon from the release of the updatedThis pilot currently holds a selection coverage to prospective undercoverSEEBASE regional model in 2018. Dataof open-file seismic and geochemistry sequences to the northwest (Figure1).will be released once final processing hasdata, but more data and data types are MT sites will be collected by Zongeundergone all required QA/QC checks. progressively being added.Engineering on a 2 km grid with a bandwidth of 1000 Hz to 1000 s. DataAnother major focus of the SREP isFinally Matt, Janelle and Roger will all acquisition is expected to take fourenabling exploration success throughbe attending the AEGC so come and months, with data release in 2020 anddelivery of high quality geosciencefind us if you want to discuss any of our modelling to follow. data to the exploration community. Theupcoming or ongoing projects.Geoscience Data Modernisation Project Data acquisition for the Camooweal(GDMP) aims to unlock the value of theMatthew Greenwood, Janelle Simpson and 2D seismic survey started in July andgeoscientific data and enable resourcesRoger Cant and was competed in early August.industry success by streamlining theGeological Survey of Queensland The survey consists of 300 km of 2Dprocess of acceptance, storage andGeophysics@dnrme.qld.gov.auFigure 1.Location of the Cloncurry Extension Magnetotelluric SurveyFigure 2.Location of the 2019 Camooweal seismic survey.(blueoutline). Black dots show existing magnetotelluric data locations.AUGUST 2019 PREVIEW 16'