b'Branch newsASEG newsAustralian Capital TerritoryThe ACT Branch has hosted some well-attended talks this year, suggesting that we have highlighted some topics of wide interest. In May Alex Ip of Geoscience Australias Digital Science and Information section, spoke on Open, Efficient Geophysical Data EncodingsHow to Have Your Data Cake and Eat It too. Alex discussed the advantages of emerging scientific container formats and their capabilities in terms of speed, efficiency, rapid data sub-setting and web service functionality. The talk was supported by some real-world examples from Australian mineral provinces and was a window into future directions and possibilities Tim Dean addresses the June WA Branch Tech night meeting at the Celtic Club, West Perth. for large open-access datasets.by his extensive collection of geophonesOctober 9Mark Lindsay, UWA In June Anandaroop Ray, a new for Members to view after the presentation. member of GAs groundwater group, Our July 10 Tech night saw Andrew LongNovember TBCAnnual studentpresented Towards a Statistical from PGS present on the The Growth ofpresentation night, Curtin & UWA Framework for Geoscientific Inference. Automation in Marine Seismic AcquisitionDecember TBCAGM and ChristmasThis was a broad and interesting and Processing. Andrew gave an excellentparty presentation that focused on the summary of recent advances in the offshoreadvantages of Bayesian probability seismic industry focused on reducingThe Tech night schedule is subject toover deterministic inversion algorithms. safety risks, reducing data processing time,change due to speaker availability.Examples were shown from seismic, and implementing new virtual trainingPlease check the website for up-to datecontrolled source / magnetotelluric and procedures. Both mid-year events drewinformation. The WA Branch Committeeairborne electromagnetic data and links larger than average crowds, which we hopelook forward to seeing all our Membersbetween optimisation, inversion, joint continues into the second half of 2019. at upcoming events and at AEGC 2019 atinversion and machine learning were Crown Burswood. discussed. Anand also touched on the Upcoming WA events include: challenges in obtaining and assessing probabilistic results as well as industry August 14Andrew Fitzpatrick,Heather Tompkinsresearch directions for inversion and Independence Group wapresident@aseg.org.au interpretation.Andrew Long addresses the July WA Branch Tech night meeting at the Quest Hotel, East Perth.AUGUST 2019 PREVIEW 6'