b'Conference programmeAEGC 2019Regional MineralExplorationUnderCover II Which anomaly shouldI drill? Using spatialstatistics to informexploration in coveredIOCG terranes. Laszlo Katona Department for Energyand Mining Paper# 183 Application of Audio-MagnetotelluricMethod to CoverThickness Estimationfor Drill Site Targeting Wenping Jiang Geiscience Australia Paper# 191 Biochemical andmechanical dispersionmechanisms of Au andAs in areas coveredby Permian glacialsediments and aeoliansand Walid Salama CSIRO Paper# 61 Geochemicaldispersion processesin deep cover andneotectonics inCoompana, Nullarborplain, South Australia Ignacio Gonzalez- alvarez CSIRO Paper# 98 Exhibition Hall, Grand Ballroom AEGC 2019 Conference Dinner 19002200 Crown CONFERENCE PROGRAMME CONFERENCE PROGRAMMEMineral Case Studies& New Technologies:Industrial & StrategicMineralsII Characterising LithiumHost Minerals withinthe Lateritic Duricrust,Greenbushes, WesternAustralia Sophie Vuleta CSIRO Paper# 221 Rapid fieldidentification of LCTpegmatite mineralogy:Application of portableRaman spectroscopy Sophie Perring Portable XRF Services Paper# 164 Application of micro-XRF to characterisediamond drill-corefrom lithium-caesium-tantalum pegmatites Naomi Potter Portable XRF Services Paper# 279 The Butcherbird HighPurity ManganeseProject Justin Brown Element 25 Limited Paper# 389Mineral Case Studies:Geophysics - ElectricalMethods Delineating cobalttargets using galvanicand inductive sourceSub-Audio Magnetics(SAM) at the CarlowCastle project WesternAustralia Daniel Eremenco Gap Geophysics Australia Paper# 76 Co-operative inversionof geoelectrical datasets acquired fromdifferent electrodearrays Duy Thong Kieu Hanoi University ofMining and Geology Paper# 236 The Discovery ofthe Bumblebee andGrapple Mineralisationand Impacts onExploration at the LakeMackay Project Mike Whitford Independence Group Paper# 270 Frequency and CurrentAnalysis of Non-LinearElectrical Effects inMineralised Rocks Alan Oertel Fender Geophysics Paper# 390Mineral Case Studies:Maximising Value FromGeochemistry III Existing Data II Cross Disciplinary The Mineral SystemsIntegratingAtlasdeliveringhyperspectralgreater value fromand radiometricremote sensing,precompetitivespatial topographicgeoscience data Sidy Morin-Ka analysis and surfacegeochemistry to assistGeological Survey ofmineral exploration Western Australia Alicia Caruso Paper# 357 The University of Adelaide Paper# 117 A multi-disciplinaryPetrophysical Bigapproach for definingData nickel and gold mineral case study fromsystems; Halls Creekthe Stavely Project,western Victoria Orogen, WesternAustralia Phil Skladzien Fariba Kohanpour Geological Survey ofThe University of WesternVictoria Australia Paper# 198 Paper# 51 Discovering and UsingNew insights onGeophysical Data in thechimney growth Century 21 model and native goldAlex Ip enrichment in modernseafloor hydrothermalGeoscience Australia chimneys Paper# 336 Siyu Hu CSIRO Paper# 59 Legacy DataHiddenAccess to geologicalOpportunity structures, density,Keith Reeves minerals and texturesthrough novelL & T Technology Services combination of 3DPaper# 392 tomography, XRF andsample weight Mikael Bergqvist Orexplore AB Paper# 286 AEGC 2019 PROGRAMME SUBJECT TO CHANGE The Organising Committee reserves the right to alter the programme as circumstances dictatestRP and MachineLearning Facies classificationwith different machinelearning algorithm An efficient artificialintelligence techniquefor improvedclassification Partha Pratim Mandal Curtin University Paper# 22 Log DependentApproach To PredictReservoir Facies andPermeability In AComplicated ShalySand Reservoir Rahman Elkhateeb Curtin University ofTechnology Paper# 33 Identification of DeepCoal Seam Familiesusing MachineLearning Tauqir Moughal CSIRO Paper# 119 Using MachineLearning to PredictTotal Organic ContentCase Study: CanningBasin, WesternAustralia. Russell Menezes RadixGeo Paper# 381DAS and VSP imagingpart1 DAS seismicmonitoring ofthe shallow CO2controlled-releaseexperiment at theSouth West Hub In-situLaboratory KonstantinTertyshnikov Curtin University Paper# 38 Subsurface seismicimaging using drill bitnoise Mehdi Asgharzadeh Curtin University Paper# 106 Resolving StructuralUncertainty using DASVSP Survey in CentralAustralia Konstantin Galybin Schlumberger Australia Paper# 248 Anisotropy analysisfrom 3D VSP surveysacquired at Otway siteSofya Popik Curtin University Paper# 259Exploration Strategy Keynote: Jason Crusan Keynote: Jason Crusan Why storytellingmattersespecially inmineral exploration Ahmad Saleem Exploration Radio Paper# 375 Happy HourRoom 1550-1615 1615-1640 1640-1705 1705-1725 17301830AUGUST 2019 PREVIEW 58'