b'Geophysics in the SurveysNewsexpected early in 2020 through the AusArray EFTF website. Recent use of passive seismic velocity models to map the lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary has revealed break-through controls on sediment-hosted mineral deposits (check it out at the AEGC 2019 GA booth).6)Energy Systems Offshore Seismic Program focussed on horizon interpretation, integration to well logs and conducting organic geochemical studies of previously acquired and processed data. Geological and prospectivity assessments have been completed for the Cooper Basin, Isa Superbasin and Beetaloo Sub-basin, with assessments soon to be released via the Bioregional Assessments website.In addition, the Menindee AEM calibration range was formalised in May of this year under a collaborative project agreement between GA and the Geological Survey of NSW. Located 100 km southeast of Broken Hill, it is a geophysical calibration range for the evaluation and comparison of airborne electromagnetic systems in an area where Geoscience Australia has significant geological and conductivity information from previous studies. There are 3 lines covering a total distance of 100km (Figure 2), GA Figure 2.Menindee AEM calibration range, 2019 has set out a series of operational procedures and line repeats so that website. An intense collaborativeacquired at a further 147 locationsall AEM systems can be compared and exercise is underway to interpret andacross northern Australia in thetested on an equal footing. This data integrate results with other datasets201819 financial year. These datawill be used to check system integrity for energy, minerals and groundwaterwill provide significant additionalprior to being accepted for government investigations. information about Australias deepagency AEM surveying. Further 3)AusAEM2 in progress, over theelectrical resistivity structure,details can be obtained from Yusen western Northern Territory andgeodynamic framework and mineralLeyCooper, Activity Leader, Airborne northwest Western Australia. As ofpotential. New resistivity modelsElectromagnetic Survey Acquisition July the 60 000 line km survey wasacross the region from Tennant Creekand Processing, Yusen.LeyCooper@30% complete. Along with AusAEM1,to Mt Isa will be released through thega.gov.au.the survey structure has allowedAusLAMP EFTF website. GA invites you to attend the multitude for third parties to include sections5)The Australian Passive Seismicof GA presentations at AEGCcovering for in-fill; an opportunity that hasArray Project (AusArray) datainnovative AEM inversion techniques, been enthusiastically taken up byacquisition continues. A new year- IOCG mapping using potential field data, industry. Acquisition is expected to belong deployment of 135 broadbandthrough to the structural architecture completed by November with productsseismometers is currently underwayof the central NW shelf to name just a available in the second quarter of 2020. southwest of Tennant Creek. Datafewand also invites you to visit our 4)The Australian Lithosphericwill be used to create a 3D model ofbooth and networking space during the Architecture Magnetotelluricsubsurface velocity variations andconference. For more details contact Project (AusLAMP) data acquisitioninform the assessment of resourceMike Barlow, mike.barlow@ga.gov.aucontinues. As part of the Exploringpotential and natural hazards. Release for the Future program, long-periodof the Australian plate velocity modelMike Barlow magnetorelluric (MT) data werefocused on northern Australia ismike.barlow@ga.gov.auAUGUST 2019 PREVIEW 10'