b'Conference programmeAEGC 2019CONFERENCE PROGRAMME CONFERENCE PROGRAMME Regional MineralExploration UnderCover I Keynote: Simonon Johnst Keynote: Simonon Johnst Strategicelectromagneticgeophysical prospectingacross a beltanexample over theAlbany Fraser Orogen Andrew Fitzpatrick Independence Group Paper# 215 The Geological Surveyof NSWs approach tothe MinEx CooperativeResearch CentresNational DrillingInitiative Astrid Carlton Geological Survey of NSW Paper# 307 Exhibition Hall, Grand Ballroom Afternoon Tea 1520-1550Mineral Case Studies:Industrial & StrategicMineralsI Keynote: David Turvey Keynote: David Turvey Pilgangoora Lithium-Tantalum Project:Deposit geology andnew constraints onrare-metal pegmatitegenesis John Holmes Pilbara Minerals Paper# 182 The Discovery andGeology of Sinclair,Australias firstCaesium Deposit. David Crook Pioneer Resources Paper# 88Groundwater & NearSurface III Multi-physics,Inter- disciplinaryapproaches forGroundwater SystemInvestigations andHydrogeologicalAssessments inNorthern Australia Ken Lawrie Geoscience Australia Paper# 342 Geophysics used tohelp find good qualitygroundwater in theVientiane Plain, LaoPDR Michael Hatch Flinders University Paper# 361 Realtime analysisand well planningusing wireline logsin a hydrogeologicalcontext Benjamin Birt QTEQ Paper# 238 Determiningpetrophysical andhydrogeologicalparameters fromhistorical bore logsfor the Leederville-Parmelia aquifer,northern Perth Basin,using regressionmethods Olga Filiptsova Department of Water andEnvironmental Regulation Paper# 252Mineral Case Studies:Maximising Value FromGeochemistryExisting Data IIApplications &Signatures Using ZirconAdapting AgileGeochemistry toWorkflows toMap Alteration in theAccelerate GeoscienceGawler Craton, SouthStudy Results Australia Lendyn Philip Adrienne Brotodewo Woodside Energy Future Industries Institute/ Paper# 165 University of SouthAustralia Paper# 149 Faster play-basedMineralizationsignatures of theexploration, PetrelSub- basin, Australia magnetite-dominantAcropolis prospect,Laura Phillips Olympic Dam IOCGWoodside Energy district, South Australia Paper# 173 Marija Dmitrijeva The University of Adelaide Paper# 180 Maximising value fromIndicator mineralsseismic using newfor magmatic sulfidemineralisation data and informationLouise Schoneveld managementtechnologies CSIRO Jess Kozman Paper# 230 Woodside Energy Paper# 237 Old Data, ChangedColour Amplifies ReliefShading Times, New Resource?Peter Kovesi A Case Study. Barrytown NewCentre for ExplorationZealand, IlmeniteTargeting, University ofGarnet Gold Zircon Western Australia Graham Lee Paper# 178 Graham Lee & Associates Paper# 67 AEGC 2019 PROGRAMME SUBJECT TO CHANGE The Organising Committee reserves the right to alter the programme as circumstances dictateUse of RP for seismicInterpretation andBasin Modelling Statistical Rock PhysicsAnalysis and Modellingin The Browse Basin Shuichi Desaki INPEX Paper# 60 A Geological PressureModel for the BrowseBasin and the southernVulcan Sub-Basin, NWSAustralia Shi-Yuan Toh Ikon Science Paper# 34 Assessing mineralcomposition andpermeability of a shaleseal Marina Pervukhina CSIRO Paper# 322CO2 Monitoring andModelling Assessment of thepermanent seismicsources for boreholeseismic monitoringapplications: CO2CRCOtway Project Sinem Yavuz Curtin University Paper# 299 Pore-scale study offluids flow and fluid-fluid interactionsduring near-miscibleCO2 EOR and storage inoil reservoirs Mojtaba Seyyedi CSIRO Paper# 120 Feasibility ofthe quantitativetime-lapse seismiccharacterisation of aheterogeneous CO2injection Roman Isaenkov Lomonosov Moscow StateUniversity Paper# 341WABS Canning Placing key casingpoints using wellsitechemostratigraphyin the Ungani 1 Field,Canning Basin, WesternAustralia Anne Forbes Seismic interpretationof salt occurrences inthe southern CanningBasin, WesternAustralia Alex Zhan Paleozoic to Triassiccontinental scalesediment provenanceof the Canning,officer and NorthernCarnarvon Basins,Western Australia Sara MoronRoom 1340-1405 1405-1430 1430-1455 1455-152057 PREVIEW AUGUST 2019'