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Honours & Awards



"For exceptional and highly significant distinguished contributions to the science and practice of geophysics by a member, resulting in wide recognition within the geoscientific community"

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"For distinguished contributions by a member to the profession of exploration geophysics and to the ASEG over many years."

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"For innovation in applied geophysics through a significant practical development of benefit to Australian exploration geophysics in the field of instrumentation, data acquisition, interpretation or theory." (Inaugurated 1986). The file here provides some background to the naming of the award.

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"For the most innovative use of a geophysical technique from a paper presented at the ASEG Conference." The file here provides some background to the naming of the award. (Inaugurated 1985).

  • 1987  Shanti Rajagopalan
  • 1988  Mike Asten
  • 1989  Geoff Pettifer, Julie Whithers, Nenad Djordjevic, David Heislers, Jurgen Scaeffer
  • 1991  Michael Shirov, Anatoly Legchencko, Graham Greer
  • 1992  Shunhua Cao, Stuart Greenhalgh
  • 1994  Marcus Flis
  • 1995  Michael Hallett, Edward Tyne
  • 1997  Michael Roach, Roger Lewis, W Jablonski
  • 1998  X. Luo, P. Hatherly
  • 2000  Jason Meyers, Mathew Cooper, John Bishop, Michael Hatch
  • 2001  John Bancroft, Xinxiang Li
  • 2003  Natasha Hendrick, Steve Hearn
  • 2004  Mike Asten
  • 2006  Rune Tenghamn
  • 2007  A. Duncan, M. Cattach, S. Griffin
  • 2009  M. Lebedev, B. Gurevich, B. Clennell, M. Purvukhina, V. Shulakova, T. Muller
  • 2010  A. Kass, K.Davis, Y. Li
  • 2012  D.A. Pratt, K.B. McKenzie and A.S. White
  • 2013  P. Kovesi, E.J. Holden, J. Wong
  • 2016  Alison Kirby, Graham Heinson & Lars Krieger
  • 2018  Malcolm Cattach, Christopher Parker & Russell Mortimer
  • 2019  Mike McMillan, Eldad Haber & Jenn Fohring

"For the promotion of geophysics to the wider community." The file here provides some background to the naming of the award. (Inaugurated 2000)

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"For the best student paper in Exploration Geophysics in the past 18 months"

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"For significant contributions to the profession by a member under 36 years of age, by way of publications in Exploration Geophysics or similar reputable journals, or by overall contributions to geophysics, ASEG Branch activities, committees, or events"

"For outstanding and distinguished service by a member in making major contributions to the shaping and the sustaining of the Society and the conduct of its affairs over many years." (Inaugurated 1998)

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"For distinguished service by a member to the ASEG, through involvement in and contributions to State Branch committees, Federal Committees, Publications, and Conferences." (Inaugurated 1998)

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A new ASEG Scholarship has been established to support Geophysics Honours and Masters Students and to commemorate the life and work of ASEG Gold Medal recipient Richard Lane. The scholarship is open to all BSc(Hons) and MSc geophysics students and consists of a grant of $5,000 to the best ranked student for the current year. Ranking will be based on a 200 word discussion, overview of geophysics project and on academic transcript. More information and application forms are available here