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ASEG Extended Abstracts

Taylor & Francis host ASEG extended abstracts for conferences from 2001-2019. These can be accessed here: ASEG extended Abstracts. Zenodo host abstracts from 2021 onwards and can be accessed using the relevant links below. Abstracts prior to 2001 are available in Exploration Geophysics conference editions available to members using the links on this website. 

The table below lists conferences with direct links to the extended abstracts.


2001 ASEG2001 - 15th Geophysical Conference
2003 ASEG2003 - 16th Geophysical Conference
2004 ASEG2004 - 17th Geophysical Conference
2006 ASEG2006 - 18th Geophysical Conference
2007 ASEG2007 - 19th Geophysical Conference
2009 ASEG2009 - 20th Geophysical Conference
2010 ASEG2010 - 21st Geophysical Conference
2012 ASEG2012 - 22nd Geophysical Conference
2013 ASEG2013 - 23rd Geophysical Conference
2015 24th International Geophysical Conference and Exhibition – Geophysics and Geology Together for Discovery
2016 25th International Conference and Exhibition – Interpreting the Past, Discovering the Future
2018 1st Australasian Exploration Geoscience Conference – Exploration Innovation Integration
2019 2nd Australasian Exploration Geoscience Conference – Data to Discovery
2021 3rd Australasian Exploration Geoscience Conference – Geosciences for a Sustainable World
2023 4th Australasian Exploration Geoscience Conference - Geoscience, Breaking New Ground

Individual articles: AEM2023 8th International Airborne Electromagnetics Workshop

Monolithic PDF: AEM2023 8th International Airborne Electromagnetics Workshop