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ASEG Videos

ASEG routinely holds technical talks and webinars for our members. The recorded videos are listed below and can be viewed on the ASEG website via the links to embedded videos. Additionally, the videos are uploaded to YouTube and are hosted on our YouTube channel here.


Branch meeting and webinar videos

Date Branch Title
29 June, 2020 WA

Seismic Attribute Illumination of complex fault network North Slope, Alaska - Sumit Verma

17 June, 2020 Webinar

Coupling Surface Evolution and Mantle Dynamics: two examples of the interplay of Tectonics, Eustasy and Surface Processe - Claire Mallard

11 June, 2020 WA Probabilistic Seismic Full Waveform Inversion (FWI) - Anandaroop Ray
2 June, 2020 SA/NT Searching for the Beaumont Children and Other Adventures in Unmarked Grave Detection - Ian Moffat
27 May, 2020 VIC How remote is remote sensing from Geophysics? - Rob Hewson
20 May, 2020 Webinar How regional geophysical data has reshaped tectonic analysis of the Australian continent - Peter Betts
20 May, 2020 NSW Geophysical Characterisation for the Dredging of the Marine Industry Park, Darwin - Simon Williams
5 May, 2020 Webinar Constraining the resistivity of pore fluids in the crust with Bayesian joint inversion of MT and surface-towed CSEM data - Daniel Blatter
29 April, 2020 ACT Working in isolation – Antarctica and on ‘Mars’ Dr Steph McLennan and Dr Jon Clarke
21 April, 2020 Webinar Characterizing extensive hydrogeologic systems beneath ice sheets and oceans using electromagnetic methods - Chloe Gustafson
8 May, 2019 SA/NT The Application of Gravitational Curvature Analysis to Structural Domaining of Geology - Matthew Zengerer
11 February, 2019 SA/NT The President, Diversity and Science - Marina Costelloe
18 October, 2017 WA Geophysics for Magmatic Ni-Cu-(PGE) Exploration - Bill Peters



Other ASEG Videos

Date Title Details
08 January, 2018 Gravity Processing Videos Phil Heath's Gravity processing videos
2015 Atomic Dielectric Resonance Recording of Q/A session at ASEG-PESA 2015
2016 Jan Francke's Ground Probing Radar workshop Videos from Jan Francke's GPR worksho