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Job Advertising Policy

The ASEG is a non-profit company founded in 1970. Its aims are:

  • to promote the science of geophysics, and specifically exploration geophysics, throughout Australia
  • to foster fellowship and co-operation between geophysicists
  • to encourage closer understanding and co-operation with other earth scientists
  • to assist in design and teaching of courses in geophysics and to sponsor student sections where appropriate


Employers must adhere to the ASEG professional conduct and code of ethics and practice, and Fair Work Act 2009 (or equivalent if the memberships address is outside Australia) to be permitted to place job advertisements. The ASEG reserves the right to refuse an employment advertisement.


By purchasing advertising space, advertisers are saying that:

  • A job exists as described and fulfils the ASEG aims which are outlined above
  • There is/are no preferred candidate(s)
  • The employer will acknowledge receipt of applicant’s material
  • Advertisers inform the applicant when the applicant is eliminated from consideration or when the position is filled


Minimum information to be submitted:

  • Job title
  • Job description
  • Employer contact information or employment submission process.


Approval Process

ASEG Corporate and Corporate Plus members Web master to approve each job advertisement
All others Web master and one ASEG director to approve job applications via email to ensure company adheres to ASEG aims and constitution

The Web master will report all job advertisements to the FedEx in each monthly reporting cycle.



ASEG Corporate Plus members Complimentary
ASEG Corporate members Complimentary
Listed companies & Government $250 per job per month
Unlisted companies & not for profit $100 per job per month

The ASEG provides job advertising space as a service to ASEG members of all classes. The ASEG will redirect fees from job advertising 25% to defray the costs of operating the website and the remaining 75% to the ASEG Research foundation.



All job advertisements will be posted on the ASEG’s web site at This web page is accessible by ASEG members only. Advertisements are ordered by date with the most recent advertisements listed first.