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ASEG Young Professionals

We are a group of young professionals who want to champion the interests of young employees in the profession of geophysics. We all have a background or interest in geophysics and are members of the Australian Society of Exploration Geophysics (ASEG). There is no age limit, but is intended for people aged under 35, or those new to the profession


This will be achieved through the following objectives;

  • To create an inclusive, relaxed and open atmosphere to share knowledge, ideas and experiences.
  • To facilitate networks with industry, academia and government to advance geophysics.
  • To provide opportunities for professional development and technical education
  • To develop, implement and promote events targeted at young professionals

Why should you join?

There are a ton of benefits of becoming a Young Professional member. These include meeting like-minded professionals, increasing your network and developing your professional and technical skills at our events. Plus you might even have some fun.

How do I join?

Send an email to or find us on Social Media


Useful Links:


Society of Economic Geologists Webinar Series:

Society of Economic Geologists publications for young professionals:

1. Bartos 2013 - The Human Face of Economic Geology: Your Career

2. Bartos SEG Keystone 2006

3. Snow & Juhas 2002 - Trends and Forces in Mining and Mineral Exploration