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Sponsored projects

Projects sponsored by the Research Foundation are listed below.

In the Field column:

  • M implies Minerals
  • P implies Petroleum
  • E implies Environmental
  • G implies groundwater


Date Institution Supervisor(s) Student Degree Field Amount ($) # Years Topic
5/03/2021 University of WA Prof Mark Jessell Mahtab Rashidifard PhD M $7,000
2 Integrated Inversion of Gravity and Reflection Seismic Data with Different Spatial Coverage
26/02/2021 Monash University Prof Peter Betts Chibuzo Chukwu PhD P $7,000
3 Role of Basement Structures in Controlling Triple Junction Formation and Associated Basins in Southern Australia
1/03/2021 University of Melbourne Dr Graeme Beardsmore Youssef Hamad MSc P $5,000
2 Utilisation and comparison of conventional wireline precision temperature sensing, DTS, and aDTS to detect and quantify subsurface geothermal anomalies in the on-shore Gippsland Basin.
17/02/2020 University of Adelaide A/Prof Simon Holford, A/Prof Ros King & Dr Mark Bunch Monica Jimenez Lloreda PhD P $9,500
2 Controls on gravity-driven normal fault geometry and growth in stacked deltaic settings
27/02/2020 University of Sydney Prof Dietmar Muller Youseph Ibrahim PhD P $9,850
3 The Evolution and Structural Styles of the Papuan Fold and Thrust Belt: A Numerical Modelling Approach
28/02/2020 Flinders University Dr Ian Moffat Michael Everett PhD E $10,000
3 A geophysical investigation of a Mongolian archaeological site, Soyo, and its environmental history
28/02/2020 Flinders University Dr Ian Moffat Tiago Attorre PhD E $10,000
3 Threading on the Ancient Silk Road Applied Geophysics at Rock Shelters in Kazakhstan
28/02/2020 Flinders University Dr Ian Moffat Andrew Frost PhD E $7,500
3 Assessing a multi-modal approach in the location of unmarked graves under various seasonal conditions
19/02/2019 Curtin University Dr Michael Carson Snezana Petrovic PhD M $8,000
2 Elemental analysis via prompt gamma neutron activation for diamond drilling
25/02/2019 University of Melbourne Dr. Mark McLean Matthew Luke Sultani BSc (Hons) M $3890 1 Characterising the depth to basement using HVSR passive seismic in the Murray Basin: Implications for gold exploration undercover.
28/02/2019 Monash University Peter Betts & Steven Micklethwaite Hannah Williamson BSc (Hons) M $5000 1 Using analogue interpretations of geophysics to understand geology hiding undercover. A case study from the Mount Isa Inlier
22/02/2019 University of Adelaide A/Prof Simon Holford & Dr Mark Bunch Michael Curtis PhD P $8,000
3 The impact of magmatism on petroleum systems of the Carnarvon Basin.
26/02/2018 University of Adelaide A/Prof Simon Holford & A/Prof Rosalind King Matthew Musolino PhD P 5000, 5000, 5000 3 Improving the accuracy of geomechanical predictions in sedimentary basins
12/12/2017 Curtin University Milovan Urosevic Zixing Qin PhD M 5000, 5000, 5000 3 The Utilisation of Drill-bit Seismic Source in Cross-hole Survey for Hard Rock Mineral Exploration
03/03/2017 Curtin University Anton Kepic Ms Seda Rouxel PhD P 8350, 8000, 8000 3 A framework towards integrated quantitative Earth models
28/02/2017 University of Adelaide Graham Heinson Ben Kay BSc(Hon) M 4900. 1 Testing the UNCOVER paradigm: Imaging crustal fluid pathways in the Curnamona Province
28/02/2017 University of WA Mike Dentith Sean Standen MSc P 5000. 1 Geophysical Characterisation of Earthquake Fault Scarps in Southwestern WA
27/02/2017 Monash University Dr Robin Armit Mr Khumo Leseane PhD M 9010, 9590 2 Evolution and mineral systems analysis of the Macquarie Arc constrained from potential-field data
27/02/2017 University of WA Mark Jessell Jeremie Giraud PhD M 5500. 1 Geophysical joint inversion for uncertainty reduction and lithological reconstruction through integration of statistical geological modelling and petrophysical measurements
01/03/2016 Macquarie University Mark Lackie Harrison Jones MSc M 3000. 1 Geophysical Study of a Silurian Base Metal Occurrence west of Numeralla in New South Wales
01/03/2016 University of WA Mark Jessell Jeremie Giraud PhD M 0, 7500, 2500 3 Joint Geophysical Inversion with Geological a Priori Information and Petrophysical Constraints for Quantitative Uncertainty Evaluation
26/02/2016 Curtin University Dr. Maxim Lebedev Zubair Ahmed PhD M 8000, 8000 2 Rock Characterization using Physical Methods on Powders
26/02/2016 University of WA Julien Bourget Afzal Iqbal PhD P 8000, 8000, 8000 3 Tectono-stratigraphic evolution and petroleum prospectivity of the Roebuck Basin: insights from a 3D Seismic Megasurvey
26/02/2016 Curtin University Maxim Lebedev Roman Beloborodov PhD P 8000, 8000 2 Correlation of geomechanical and petrophysical properties of shale rocks. Extrapolation of laboratory core measurements on the borehole using well-log data.
23/02/2016 University of Melbourne Associate Professor Stephen Gallagher Hamish Stein MSc P 5000, 5000 2 Geological and rock-physical considerations for building shallow elastic property models in deep-marine settings (NW Shelf, Australia)
05/02/2016 RMIT University James Macnae Xuiyan Ren PhD M 5000, 4900 2 3D Time domain EM modelling and inversion with finite volume method.
05/02/2016 University of WA Associate Professor Jeffrey Shragge Lee Tasker PhD E 8000, 8000, 8000 3 4D Monitoring of Civil Infrastructure using Multichannel 3D Ground Penetrating Radar
02/03/2015 University of WA Mike Dentith, Marco Fiorentini Cameron James Adams PhD M 8500, 8500, 6000 3 Understanding of the Petrophysical Properties of Altered Rocks: Implications for Geophysical Exploration
25/02/2015 University of WA Dr Sandra Occhipinti Heta Lampinen PhD M 8200, 6000, 3000 3 Defining Mineral Systems footprints in the Edmund Basin of the Capricorn Orogen
24/02/2015 RMIT University Prof James Macnae Joseph Hamad PhD M 8000, 8000, 5500 3 A compact EM transmitter for use in boreholes and for portable surface applications
23/02/2015 University of WA Prof David Lumley Sophie Monnier PhD P 8000, 8000, 8000 3 Ocean Bottom Seismology (OBS) offshore Australia: enhanced wavefield imaging and inversion for exploration at both hydrocarbon reservoir and crustal tectonic scales
12/02/2015 University of WA Julien Bourget Victorien Paumard PhD P 5000, 5000, 5000 3 Linking seismic to the rock scale: new insights for the petroleum prospectivity of the Barrow Group using basin-scale 3D seismic geomorphology integrated with well core/log data (Northern Carnarvon Basin, North West Shelf of Australia)
28/02/2014 Australian National University Dr Eva Papp Sanjay Govindan BSc(Hon) M 5000. 1 Developing a direct current-based geoelectrical method to estimate the depth of aeolian cover over the Dargues Reef gold deposit and surrounding area
27/02/2014 University of Adelaide Graham Heinson Michael Stepan BSc(Hon) M 5000 1 Magnetotelluric imaging of the Delamerian-Lachlan transition, Western Victoria
27/02/2014 University of Adelaide Dr. Simon Holford Alexander Robson PhD P 9500, 9500, 10000 3 Structural and Geomechanical Evolution of the Ceduna Delta, Bight Basin, Australia.
27/02/2014 University of Adelaide Dr. Simon Holford Fun Julie Ellen Meeuws PhD P 8400, 9200, 7600 3 Understanding the impacts of magmatism on hydrocarbon prospectivity along the southern Australian margin through the integration of geophysical, geochronological and geochemical methods
27/02/2014 University of WA Associate Professor Jeffrey Shragge Benjamin Witten PhD P 10000, 10000, 10000 3 Elastic parameter estimation using 3D image-domain adjoint-state tomographic inversion of passive seismic wavefields
26/02/2014 Curtin University Anton Kepic Maria Cornelia Kitzig PhD M 10000, 10000, 10000 3 Integration of down-hole geophysics and geochemistry for geological characterisation
26/02/2014 University of WA Mike Dentith Alan Aitkin Sasha Banaszczyk PhD P 4000, 8000, 9500 3 Regional-Scale Interpretation of Airborne Electromagnetic and Magnetotelluric Data: Workflow and Application to Exploration in Sedimentary Basins
01/03/2013 University of Adelaide Assoc. Prof. Mark Tingay Mojtaba Rajabi PhD P 9700, 10000, 9800 3 The Present-Day Stress Field of Australia
28/02/2013 Australian National University Dr Eva Papp Diana Cato-Smith BSc(Hon) M 5000. 1 Developing resistivity imaging as a tool for understanding landscape evolution and sand deposition within the Lake George Basin
27/02/2013 University of Adelaide Graham Heinson Paul Soeffky PhD M 8700, 7600 2 Crustal electrical resistivity heterogeneity: a vector to mineralisation?
26/02/2013 RMIT University Prof James Macnae Alexandra Irwin PhD M 7720, 7720, 3700 3 Using lightning location networks in natural field mineral exploration
26/02/2013 University of WA Prof David Lumley Rafael Medeiros de Souza PhD P 10000, 10000, 10000 3 Computational 4D Seismic History Matching and Reservoir Model Updating
25/02/2013 University of WA Mike Dentith Ristch Camille MSc M 5860. 1 Regional Structure of the Halls Creek Orogen, WA: Implications for Mineral Prospectivity
08/03/2012 Macquarie University Dr Mark Lackie Ristch Camille BSc(Hon) M 4600. 1 Constrained 3D magnetic modelling predicting the resource grade of magnetite at Hawsons,Broken Hill, New South Wales.
08/03/2012 University of WA Prof David Lumley Mohammad Emami Niri PhD P 10000, 10000, 10000 3 Closing the loop – Quantitative Integration of 3D/4D seismic data in Reservoir Model Updating
07/03/2012 University of WA Dr Alan Aitkn Prof Mike Dentith Abdulrhman Hussain Alghamdi PhD M 9450, 7500, 7800 3 Deep crustal structure of the Warakurna Large Igneous Province and implications for the associated magmatic Ni-Cu-PGE mineral system
03/03/2012 University of Adelaide Simon Holford Adam Bailey PhD G 9850, 9950, 9500 3 The Australian Structural Permeability Map
01/03/2012 Curtin University Milovan Urosevic Sinem Yavuz PhD M 8000, 10000, 6000 3 Seismic Methods for Characterisation of Hard Rocks
15/03/2011 University of Western Australia Professor Mike Dentith Mr Jarrad Lachlan Trunfull BSc (Hon) M 4000. 1 Modelling Down-Hole Induced Polarisation based on the Centenary gold deposit, WA
14/03/2011 University of Western Australia Professor Mike Dentith Miss Sasha Banaszczyk BSc (Hon) M 5000. 1 Constrained Magnetic Modelling of the Wallaby Gold Deposit, Laverton, Western Australia
03/03/2011 RMIT University Prof James Macnae Terence Kratzer PhD M 8000, 9200, 1200 3 Removing the effects of sensor rotation from EM measurements: a critical need for low-frequency AEM
24/02/2011 The University of Western Australia Professor David Lumley James Deeks PhD P 8000, 8000, 8000 3 Computational rock physics, seismic wave propagation and imaging in complex anisotropic media
24/02/2011 The University of Western Australia Professor David Lumley Lisa Gavin PhD P 8000, 8000, 8000 3 Seismic anisotropy analysis for estimating reservoir fractures and stress
28/02/2010 Curtin University of Technology A.W. Kepic, B.D. Harris Elmar Strobach PhD E 8500, 8500, 1500 3 Geophysical imaging of water-migration through different soil profiles at the Gnangara mound, WA
26/02/2010 Curtin University of Technology Associate Professor Milovan Urosevic Mr Andrew Greenwood PhD M 11000, 3000 2 Application of Vertical Seismic Profiling for Characterisation of Hard Rock
23/02/2010 University of Western Australia W/Prof. David Lumley Matthew Saul PhD P 10000, 10000, 10000 3 Closing the loop - reconciling 4D seismic data to update reservoir models.
23/02/2010 University of Western Australia W/Prof. David Lumley Wendy Young MSc P 5000. 1 The combined use of 4D seismic, gravity and electromagnetic data for reservoir monitoring: a feasibility study.
12/02/2010 University of Tasmania Dr M Roach Michael Tomlin BSc (Hon) M 4210. 1 Gravity Survey Optimisation Procedures
06/03/2009 Macquarie University Dr Mark Lackie Jaime Lovell BSc (Hon) E 2200, 1800 2 The Usefulness of MASW in Delineating Soils
02/03/2009 University Western Australia Professor Mike Dentith Roger Clifton PhD M 1000, 1000, 1000 3 Geophysical Studies of the Kalkarindji Flood Basalts of the Northern Territory
28/02/2009 University of Queensland Dr. Steve Hearn Jason Stephenson BSc (Hon) P 4900. 1 Optimisation of sweep parameters and pre-correlation processing for Envirovibe seismic sources.
28/02/2009 University of Queensland Dr. Steve Hearn Anthony Hallam BSc (Hon) P 4900. 1 Understanding very-shallow seismic reflection using acquisition modelling
27/02/2009 Monash University Dr. Peter Betts Brenton Crawford PhD M 10000, 10000, 10000 3 Defining the margins of Australia's ancient geological cratons from gravity and magnetic fields.
23/02/2009 University of Adelaide Dr. Simon Holford Professor Richard Hillis David Tassone PhD P 8700, 8250, 7150 3 Uplift of the Otway Basin and implications for hydrocarbon exploration: integrating seismic interpretation with palaeoburial proxies
16/02/2009 RMIT University James Macnae Lachlan Hennessey BSc (Hon) M 4900. 1 Transform of coincident loop EM data to equivalent potential field responses
29/02/2008 UWA Mike Dentith Luke Nuske BSc (Hon) M 5000. 1 The Geophysical Response and geological characteristics of Iron Oxide Copper Gold (IOCG) Deposits Under Cover, Gawler Craton, South Australia
29/02/2008 U Queensland Steve Hearn TBA BSc (Hon) P 4900. 1 Optimisation of sweep parameters and pre-correlation processing for Envirovibe seismic sources.
29/02/2008 Curtin University Boris Gurevich Marcos Grochau PhD P 6500, 5500 2 Investigation of pressure and saturation effects on elastic parameters: an integrated approach to improve time-lapse interpretation
29/02/2008 U Queensland Steve Hearn Alan Meulenbroek MSc P 2500, 2900 2 Analysis of converted-refractions for shear-statics and near-surface characterisation
11/02/2008 Monash Jim Cull Zara Dennis PhD M 5000, 5000, 5000 3 Near-Surface Anisotropy in MT Resistivity Surveys
28/02/2007 University of Adelaide Graham Heinson Michael Hatch PhD E 5037. 1 Geophysical interpretation of temporal variations of surface and groundwater hydrology
28/02/2007 Curtin University Milovan Urosevic Brian Evans Christopher Harrison PhD M 9800, 8700 2 Feasibility of seismic methods for imaging gold deposits in WA
28/02/2007 Curtin University Brett Harris Sean Phillips BSc (Hon) P 2007. 1 Feasibility of Deep Ocean Electromagnetic Exploration in Australia’s Offshore Oil and Gas Basins
28/02/2007 Curtin University Bruce Hartley Abdullah Al Ramadhan PhD P 5000, 5000 2 Reservoir Imaging using microseismic events
01/02/2007 Curtin University Brian Evans Matthew Saul BSc (Hon) M 4950. 1 Virtual source imaging- testing the concept using physical models
28/02/2006 The University of Melbourne Prof. C.J.L. Wilson Charles Funk BSc(Hon) M 5000. 1 Remanence associated with aeromagnetic anomalies in the Kewell region, western Victoria
28/02/2006 Curtin University of Technology Dr Milovan Urosevic Ms Jennie Powell BSc(BSc(Hon)) P 5000. 1 Analysis of Seismic Anisotropy – Tiof Field Mauritania, West Africa.
28/02/2006 Curtin University of Technology Dr. Milovan Urosevic / Prof. Brian Evans Christopher Bernard Harrison MSc/PhD M 5000, 4000 2 Feasibility of Seismic Methods for Imaging Gold Deposits in Western Australia
18/02/2005 Univ Adelaide Dr G Heinson Rachel Maier BSc (BSc(Hon)) M 3143. 1 Three dimensional inversion of magnetotelluric data from the Gawler Craton
18/02/2005 Monash University Roberto Weinberg / Laurent Ailleres Andrew McLellan MSc M 5000, 3500 2 Defining the structural geometry of geology at Broken Hill, Australia; an analysis of previous three-dimensional models and their accuracy.
18/02/2005 Monash University Michael Asten James Roberts PhD E 3560. 1 Application of the microtremor technique to engineering-scale studies
18/02/2005 Curtin University of Technology Prof. Boris Gurevich Gracjan Lambert PhD P 5000. 1 Numerical modelling of frequency-dependent seismic anisotropy of fractured reservoirs
18/02/2005 Univ Adelaide Prof Stewart Greenhalgh Jared Taylor PhD M 9800, 8800, 9600 3 Electrical imaging of 3-D heterogeneous, anisotropic media CANCELLED
16/03/2004 Adelaide University Dr Graham Heinson Clarke Petrick BSc(Hon) P 2704. 1 Delineating diapiric salt bodies in the Officer Basin using magnetotelluric sounding methods
04/03/2004 University of Sydney Institute of Marine Sciences R Dietmar Muller Lydia Taylor BSc(Hon) P 5000. 1 Evolution of dynamic topography on the northeast Australian marginal plateaus in the late Tertiary
10/03/2003 University of Queensland Dr. Steve Hearn Shaun Strong BSc(Hon) P 4900. 1 Numerical evaluation of correlation-style, land-seismic sources
04/03/2003 UWA Assoc Prof Keith Smetten Gabby Pracillo PhD E 5500, 3020, 1200 3 Assessing the value of soil landscape information from gamma radiometric, ground electromagnetic and topographic data, for understanding the performance and potential returns from plant based applications.
28/02/2003 University of Tasmania Drs M J Roach and J E Reid Ian Wilson & Jhana Hale BSc(Hon) M 3650. 1 This grant will be used to provide logistic support for two closely-related Honours projects: Geophysics of the Balfour Copper Occurrence, Northwest Tasmania. (WILSON) Regional geophysical interpretation of airborne magnetic, electromagnetic and radiometric data from the Balfour area, Northwest Tasmania. (HALE)
16/12/2002 Adelaide University Prof. Richard Hillis & Dr. Scott Mildren Emma Nelson PhD P 8400, 7900, 7750 3 Stress Modelling for Hydrocarbon Exploration and Development
26/02/2002 Macquarie Mark Lackie Daniel Galda BSc(Hon) P 3956. 1 A non-invasive and economical surface seismic method, which provides estimates of elastic moduli of near-surface layers.
22/02/2002 Adelaide University Dr Graham Heinson Tania Dhu BSc(Hon) E 3000. 1 Environmental Monitoring using Electrical Resistivity Tomography
22/02/2002 Adelaide University Dr Graham Heinson Katherine Selway Stephan Thiel Rob Gill BSc(Hon) M 5000. 1 Regolith to Regional-Scale Magnetotelluric Exploration in the Olary Domain and Gawler Craton, South Australia
22/02/2002 Adelaide University Prof Stewart Greenhalgh Philip Heath BSc(Hon) M 2200. 1 A theoretical and numerical study of potential field gradient methods for exploration beneath cover
08/02/2001 Adelaide University Dr Graham Heinson Mr Brian Barrett BSc(Hon) A 1800. 1 Ground Penetrating Radar and EM Studies of Near-Surface Groundwater and Salinity
08/02/2001 Adelaide University Dr Graham Heinson Mr Hashim Carey BSc(Hon) M 1550. 1 The optimum location of Mise-à-la-Masse electrodes in mineral exploration
06/02/2001 University of Sydney Prof Iain Mason Prof Daniel T. Potts Dr Peter Magee Ms Ryz Evangelista BSc(Hon) A 3600. 1 Imaging of the Muweilah Iron Age archaeological site (UAE) using various high resolution geophysical techniques
11/12/2000 Curtin University Associate Professor Bruce Hartley Damian Leslie PhD P 1500, 600 2 Imaging the Earth using incoherently scattered seismic waves in exploration geophysics
14/04/2000 Curtin Brian Evans Jason McKenna PhD P 2500, 2500, 3000 3 Time-lapse 3-D Seismic Reservoir Modelling
03/04/2000 Monash J. P. Cull / B. McPhail Julie Elders MSc M 5357. 1 Geophysical Methods for Heap Leach Monitoring
03/04/2000 Monash Professor Jim Cull Mr Eric Gozlan MSc M 5000. 1 Micro-gravity Imaging for Gold Exploration at Fosterville
28/10/1999 UWA Dentith (principal), Bevan and Featherstone Philip Hawke PhD P 9500, 6000, 2000 3 Geophysical Characterisation of the Yallalie Astrobleme, Western Australia
09/03/1999 U of Qld Dr Steve Hearn Natasha Hendrick PhD P 6700. 1 Applications of Multi-Component Processing in Exploration Seismology
08/03/1999 Flinders Dr Graham Heinson Volmer Berens BSc(Hon) P 3000. 1 Three-dimensional marine magnetotelluric imaging of salt-domes in the Gulf of Mexico
08/03/1999 Adelaide U Dr Richard Hillis Peter Van Ruth PhD P 6650, 6150, 6600 3 Overpressure in Australian Basins and its Detection Using Geophysical Data
05/03/1999 ANU Dr Richard Eggleton Ms Eva Papp Christopher Leslie BSc(Hon) M 5000. 1 High resolution seismic profiling of palaeo-drainage systems, Wyalong District, NSW.
03/03/1999 U of WA Dr Mike Dentith D Groves R Stuart PhD M 6980, 7970, 5090 3 Defining the link between geophysical signatures and ore-deposit models
09/11/1998 U Queensland Dr Steve Hearn Darren Voss BSc(Hon) P 4800. 1 Evaluation of seismic multiple attenuation using prestack trace inversion
06/11/1998 Curtin Dr Brian Evans C H Walton MSc P 5000. 1 The use of seismic methods for delineating coal seams, sensing the presence of methane, and stress orientation
05/11/1998 Univ WA Dr Mike Dentith Amanda Buckingham PhD M 7750, 3750, 6550 3 Edge detection in geophysical data and its utilisation in mineral exploration
04/11/1998 U Queensland Dr Steve Hearn Ruth Kettle BSc(Hon) M 4800. 1 Tomographic analysis of multi-component seismic data in a mining environment
03/11/1998 Flinders U of SA Dr Graham Heinson Tom Wilson BSc(Hon) M 3144. 1 Fractured rock hydrogeophysics at Clare Valley, South Australia
29/10/1998 Curtin Dr Brian Evans Philip Deshon BSc(Hon) P 5000. 1 The effects of variably stressed and cemented rock on seismic wave propagation
14/04/1998 Curtin Univ Dr P Okoye/ N Uren Ruiping Lui PhD P 10000. 1 Determination of velocity field and anisotropic elastic parameters in layered transversely isotropic media
16/03/1998 Macquarie U Dr K Gohl John Robert Bus BSc(Hon) M 4800. 1 High resolution seismic imaging of prospective mineralisation zones
11/03/1998 Univ WA Dr R List Andrew Lockwood PhD M 6500, 13400 3 Joint Inversion of 3D IP & MT data incorporating EM coupling effects
19/12/1997 Curtin Univ Dr Brian Evans Troy Thomson BSc(Hon) P 9000. 1 The effects of stress on seismic imaging of geology
14/11/1997 Univ Melb Dr L Thomas Roger Hurren BSc(Hon) M 2500. 1 Detailed magnetization properties of recent basalts
27/10/1997 Univ WA Dr A Endres Carmelo Bellia PhD G 9900, 9900, 9900 3 Geophysical Characterization of Aquifer Heterogeneity & Hydraulic Properties
27/10/1997 Univ WA Dr A Endres Vanessa Pendlebury PhD E 4850. 3 Modeling the effects of in situ processes on the geophysical signature of contaminated sites.
23/10/1997 Univ Tas Dr M Roach Tim Chalke BSc(Hon) M 4887. 1 Geophysical mapping for gold exploration in NE Tasmania
17/10/1997 Univ WA Dr R List/Pro L Noakes/M Dentith To be advertised PhD M 8900. 3 Inversion of Potential Data
04/11/1996 Univ Melb Dr Greg Beresford Adrian Purdy BSc(Hon) P 4035. 1 Seismic reflection tomography/software
28/10/1996 Monash Univ Prof Jim Cull   BSc(Hon) M 6490. 1 Downhole three component magnetic data
25/10/1996 Curtin Dr Patrick N Okoye   BSc(Hon) P 4941.3 1 P-wave normal moveout velocity estimation in transversely isotropic media
25/10/1996 Curtin Dr Brian Evans   BSc(Hon) P 4700. 1 Three dimensional dip prediction using a three layer physical model
21/10/1996 Univ Qld Dr Steve Hearn Simon Coombs BSc(Hon) P 4800. 1 Significance of non-white reflectivity sequences to predictive deconvolution
17/10/1996 Univ Adelaide Dr R Hillis/M Dentith Trevor Dhu PhD M 4818. 3 Textural filtering of geophysical data
16/10/1996 Univ Melb VIEPS Dr Lindsay Thomas Rob Picunic BSc(Hon) M 2500. 1 Detailed magnetization properties of recent basalts
29/11/1995 Macquarie Prof. Fw J Macnae Marilyn Braine BSc(Hon) M 5000. 1 A regolith thickness correction for gravity
24/11/1995 Curtin B.J. Evans   BSc(Hon) P 4700. 1 3D dip prediction using 3 layer physical model
14/11/1995 Monash Dr Lindsay Thomas or Dr Terence Barr Linton Cull BSc(Hon) /MSc M 4900. 1 TEM Data using grounded dipoles
02/11/1995 NCPGG Prof. C Griffiths Abbas Kharsar Ph.D P 8400. 3 A petrophysical study of the permian reservoir sandstones in the Cooper Basin South Australia
28/11/1994 Monash J Cull Justin Ward BSc(Hon) M 5600. 1 Geophysical Exploration using powerline signals
04/11/1994 Univ Q Dr Steve Hearn Belinda Suthers BSc(Hon) P 4800. 1 Fracture Analysis in the Australian Coal Environment using shear wave splitting
02/11/1994 Univ Tasmania Dr D.E.Leaman/Dr Michael Roach Nick Direen BSc(Hon) M 4790. 1 Structure of the Longford Basin, Northern Tasmania
31/10/1994 NCPGG Dr Jim Applegate   BSc(Hon) P 4950. 1 Review of Alternative AVO Approaches
01/04/1994 Univ Q Dr S Hearn Paul Phythian BSc(Hon) P 4500. 1 Validity of the random reflectivity assumption in Aust Sedimentary Basins
13/10/1993 Univ Adelaide Dr Shanti Rajagopalan   BSc(Hon) M 4000. 1 Experiments in multichannel aeroradiometric processing using Burkitt Hill test strip
06/10/1993 NCPGG A Mitchell Ralph Weiss MSc P 4940. 1 An analysis of velocities within the Lake Hope 3D Seismic Survey area
29/09/1993 Univ WA Dr Ron List/ Dr Mike Dentith Tom Ridsdill-Smith / Kate Crossing BSc(Hon) M 2020. 1 Joint inversion of gravity and magnetic data
20/09/1993 Univ Adelaide Dr R Hillis T Macklin BSc(Hon) P 3500. 1 Depth conversion of seismic reflection travel times in inverted basins
20/09/1993 Univ Adelaide Dr R Hillis Shane Squires BSc(Hon) P 5000. 1 Seismic shear wave anisotropy experiment
15/09/1993 Monash Jim Cull David Boothroyd BSc(Hon) M 4188. 1 Complex resistivity signatures for mineral exploration
24/11/1992 Curtin Dr W Featherstone/ Mr V Wilson   BSc(Hon) M 4920. 1 Application of GPS in Gravity surveying: A case study around the Widgiemoolth Dome, Norseman-Wiluna greenstone Belt, WA
03/11/1992 Univ Q Dr Steve Hearn Natasha Hendrick BSc(Hon) P 4800. 1 Evaluation of seismic trace inversion in the Surat Basin Qld
01/10/1992 Univ Adelaide Dr Shanti Rajagopalan John Caon BSc(Hon) M 3000. 1 Application of multichannel aeroradiometric data
30/09/1992 Univ Sydney J J Stienstra Jane Johnson Msc P 5000. 1 Study of Tectonic styles of Skua Horst in Vulcan Sub-basin
30/09/1992 Univ Sydney Dr R Facer Khamphira Viravong MSc P 4280. 1 Magnetic Susceptibility Variations as a possible guide to the Presence of Hydrocarbons
25/09/1992 Univ Adelaide Dr Peter Brooker Gerard McNeill Msc M 5000. 2 Removal of EM coupling effects from both Time & Frequency domain IP Data
07/11/1991 Sydney Univ J J Stienstra Frank Sugiaman BSc(Hon) P 6000. 1 Sequence Stratigraphic study off shore Australia using 2D or 3D seismic and well data
31/10/1991 Univ Melbourne Dr G Beresford Steven Carroll MSc P 4100. 1 Application of reflection tomography to determining velocity in surface reefs on NW Shelf seismic data
25/10/1991 Macquarie Univ Prof Keeva Vozof     M 11235. 2 Application of atmospheric noise recording to EM system design
22/10/1991 Univ Melbourne Dr Lindsay Thomas     M 2000. 1 Numerical modelling of EM responses with a massively-parallel computer
22/10/1991 Univ Melbourne Dr Lindsay Thomas   BSc(Hon) M 5100. 1 Physical modelling of TEM results for simple targets
01/10/1991 Macquarie Univ Dr F Wenzel Zhe Jingping MSc P 9500. 2 Evaluation of a novel processing technique for reflection seismic data
01/10/1991 Curtin B J Evans M Norozi BSc(Hon) P 5500. 1 The seismic reflection process in anisotropic media
01/10/1991 Univ WA Dr Alan Trench/ Dr John Ridley Barry Bourne BSc(Hon) M 4145. 1 Metamorphic and geochemical controls on the magnetic signatures of WA greenstone belts
01/10/1991 Univ WA Dr M Dentith/ Prof N Rock Craig Moulton BSc(Hon) M 3800. 1 Mineral Exploration using geophysical data and geographic information systems
01/10/1991 Flinders Univ Dr S Greenhalgh A McCoy/ W Watkins BSc(Hon) P 5000. 1 Geophysical study of the Willochra Basin, SA
01/10/1991 Monash Rick Valenta   Msc M 8000. 2 Geological interpretation of geophysical data in the Ebagoola area of the Coen Inlier, N Qld
17/09/1991 Monash Dr Jim Cull Duncan Massie MSc M 4482. 1 Noise reduction in downhole TEM
01/03/1990 Univ Adelaide Dr P Brooker Gerard McNeil     5000. 1 Continuation
01/03/1990 Univ Q Dr Steve Hearn John McMonagle BSc(Hon) P 4803. 1 Combined P wave/ S wave seismic reflection for coal
01/03/1990 Univ WA Dr M C Dentith Kylie Paish/ Michael House BSc(Hon) M 5000. 1 3D structure of the southern greenstone belt WA
01/03/1990 Univ New Eng Dr J M Stanley David Boggs BSc(Hon) M 3987. 1 Effects of rock magnetic properties, cultural, and natural HF pulsations and diurnal flucts on base stn corrs in air mag surveys
01/03/1990 Flinders U Dr S A Greenhalgh N Sikes MSc P 3460. 1 Imaging of subsurface faults by walkaway VSP waveguiding - Physical model Expt