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Corporate Membership

ASEG Corporate Plus Members

Total Seismic

Neil Millar


Contact Number: +61 409 891 391


Mike Reveleigh


Contact Number: +61 7 3376 5544

ASEG Corporate Members

Seismic Asia Pacific

Paul K Duncan


Contact Number: +61 7 3719 3412


Steven Johnson


Contact Number: +61 (0)8 9249 8715

Planetary Geophysics

Alan Gillespie


Contact Number: +61 4 177 21497


Pierre Gaucher


Contact Number: +1 418-877-4249



Contact Number: +61892874100

HiSeis Pty Ltd

Greg Turner


Contact Number: +61 8 9226 7880

Southern Geoscience Consultants



Contact Number: +61 8 6254 5000

Santos Limited

Natasha Hendrick


Contact Number: +61 8 8116 5316

Corporate Membership

Would your Company benefit from increased exposure to the Australian geophysical community with one of the world’s most active mineral and petroleum industries? Then please accept this invitation to join the ASEG as a Corporate Member.

Australia is one of the few places in the world that can boast great depth in mineral and petroleum geophysical exploration. Our professions have an international reputation for innovation and expertise.

We seek your support to maintain the high standards of our industry.  Please contact the ASEG Secretariat to discuss your involvement.

Please find a corporate membership prospectus here.

Corporate membership rates

Australian Companies Rate Donation to research foundation GST Total
Corporate Plus (Early Bird, renew by 08/01/24) $566 $2604 $56.60 $3226.60
Corporate Plus $651 $2604 $65.10 $3320.10
Corporate (Early Bird, renew by 08/01/24) $243 $1070 $24.30 $1337.30
Corporate $279 $1070 $27.90 $1376.90
Overseas Companies        
Corporate Plus (Early Bird, renew by 08/01/24) N/A N/A $0 N/A
Corporate Plus $651 $2604 $0 $3255
Corporate (Early Bird, renew by 08/01/24) N/A N/A $0 N/A
Corporate $279 $1070 $0 $1349


All rates are in $AU

Sponsorship of branch meetings

There are opportunities to sponsor state branch meetings. Please contact either the branch secretary or the ASEG's secretariat for more details.

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