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Geophysical Test Ranges

Please ensure the safety of yourself and others and always consult and maintain the International Airborne Geophysics Safety Association (IAGSA ) calender when using airborne test ranges. Test flights over the range should be noted in the IAGSA Test Range Calendar at

Advice to landowners is necessary before any flying is done over test ranges. Before using test ranges in WA, please contact GSWA at for a list of landholder and airspace users. 


Thanks to Tom Zhao for putting together the map above.

1. Carnamah Radiometrics Test Range (WA)

The objective of this work is to define areas for overflying by radiometric survey aircraft in order to standardise the response of signals recorded in different aircraft using different recording equipment.

More information on the radiometric test range can be found here.

2. R.J. Smith airborne gravity and gravity gradiometer test range, Kauring (WA)

The R.J. Smith airborne gravity and gravity gradiometer test range provides a location for benchmarking the capabilities of airborne gravity (AG), airborne gravity gradiometer (AGG) and other airborne sensing systems. The site is located approximately 100 kilometres east of Perth, Western Australia, is free of low level flight restrictions, has minimal human infrastructure and hosts gentle rolling topography. Significant gravity and magnetic anomalies have been defined within the test range by detailed ground and airborne surveys.

More information on the R.J. Smith airborne gravity and gravity gradiometer test range can be found here and here.

3. EM Test Ranges (WA)

SGC (Southern Geoscience) supplies datasets for two EM test ranges: Forrestania & Nepean. The targets are different and cover ground typical of the WA Goldfields. The sites have discrete small sulphide orebodies which are particularly useful for systems used in base metal exploration that must detect deep conductors in a conductive earth. They have been surveyed by a different mix of systems.

More information on the WA EM test ranges can be found here and here

4. NSW Radiometric Calibration Pads

Please contact Steve Hall at

Steve Hall

Manager Core Library

NSW Resources & Energy 
W B Clarke Geoscience Centre

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