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State Representatives


Position Name Email Address
President Todd  Mojesky (+61 450 898 751) wapresident (
Treasurer Darren Hunt (+61 439 945 267) watreasurer (
Secretary Partha Pratim Mandal (+61 415 998 380) wasecretary (
Committee Andrew Fitzpatrick, Karen Gigallon, Tasman Gillfeather-Clark, Brett Harris, Amir Hashempour Charkhi, Louisa Herrmann, Tom Hoskin, Jennifer Market, Michel Nzikou, Carolina Pimentel


Monthly technical meetings are generally held on the second Wednesday of each month and highlight topics within the geophysical fields of petroleum, mining, exploration, near-surface, and hydrogeology.

Please refer to the Events page for details of upcoming presentations and events across Australia.

Thank you to our annual sponsors of the monthly technical events:

Historical branch office bearers 
Year President Secretary Treasurer
2021 Todd Mojesky Partha Pratim Mandal Darren Hunt
2020 Todd Mojesky Partha Pratim Mandal Mat Cooper
2019 Heather Tompkins Matt Owers Mat Cooper
2018 Heather Tompkins Matt Owers Mat Cooper
2017 Kathlene Oliver David Farquhar-Smith Heather Tompkins
2016 Kathlene Oliver David Farquhar-Smith Heather Tompkins
2015 Kathlene Oliver David Farquhar-Smith Heather Tompkins
2014 Anne Tomlinson (Jan-Jul); Kathlene (Aug-Dec) Vacant Heather Tompkins
2013 Anne Tomlinson CASM (Ron Adams) Amanda Carreno
2012 Anne Tomlinson CASM Amanda Carreno
2011 Riaan Mouton CASM Amanda Carreno
2010 Reece Foster CASM Anne Morrell
2009 Reece Foster CASM Mark Tingay
2008 Reece Foster CASM Megan Evans
2007 Megan Evans Julianna Toms Kirsty Becket
2006 Megan Evans Julianna Toms Not listed
2005 Donald Sherlock Julianna Toms Ben Hall
2004 Donald Sherlock Kirsty Becket Levin Lee
2003 Kirsty Becket Megan Evans Kim Cook
2002 Kirsty Becket Guy Holmes John Watt
2001 Kevin Dodds Guy Holmes John Watt
2000 Jim Dirstein Kevin Dodds  
1999 Jim Dirstein Terry Crabb Bob Groves
1998 Jim Dirstein Terry Crabb  
1997 John McDonald Bob Groves Andrew Foley
1996 Graham Elliott Andre Lebel Not listed
1995 David Howard Brian Evans Andrew Foley
1993 Brian Evans Andy Padman Kevin Tucknot
1992 Kim Frankcombe Andie Lambourne Danny Burns
1991 Kim Frankcombe Andie Lambourne D Burns
1990 Euan Clarke Kim Frankcombe Mike Brumby