If you are practising, studying, or teaching geophysics or a related scientific discipline or have an active interest in the field, we invite you to join the Australian Society of Exploration Geophysicists. There are more than 1300 members working in many different positions and industries in Australia and overseas who share their experiences and knowledge through our vibrant society.

Membership rates

  Before 4 January, 2019 After 4 January, 2019
Membership class Without GST Including GST Without GST Including GST
  One year Five years One year Five years One year Five years One year Five years
Australian Active $135 $675 $149 $745 $156 $780 $172 $860
Australian Associate $135 $675 $149 $745 $156 $780 $172 $860
Australian Retired $68 $340 $75 $375 $79 $395 $87 $435
Australian Gold $0 Not applicable
Australian Honorary $0 Not applicable
Australian Student $0 Not applicable
Group I & II Active & associate $13 $65 Not applicable
Group I & II Retired $13 $65 Not applicable
Group I & II Student $0 Not applicable
Group III Active & associate $68 $340 Not applicable
Group III Retired $39 $195 Not applicable
Group III Student $0 Not applicable
Group IV Active & associate $156 $780 Not applicable
Group IV Retired $78 $390 Not applicable
Group IV Student $0 Not applicable


New Members

Prospective members can apply online here

Please note that prospective members will need to provide referees for consideration for membership. Applications for membership are usually considered monthly. If the membership application is approved, payment will be processed and a tax receipt will be issued via email. Members will be provided with a username and password to login to the website and access the ASEG's journal, Exploration Geophysics.


Graduate members

To serve the ASEG and to support young professionals as they transition from study to employment, the ASEG is trialling a Graduate Membership Scheme. Under this scheme, membership is subsidised by 50% and is available for no more than two years. Members accepting Graduate Membership Grants would be required to write an article for the newsletter and Preview with the goal of raising both their profile and the ASEG's support of young professionals.

Apply for a Graduate Membership Grant.


Student Members

Student’s can choose to join the Student Sponsorship Program, such that their membership fee is paid for by Rio Tinto or Origin Energy (the student nominates the company most aligned with their interests). The nominated company will pay the student fee on behalf of the student.

Students renewing their membership or wishing to join the ASEG should enter their details here.


Renewing Members

Members renewing will be emailed a renewal notice and invoice.

Membership renewal is via the website here and can be completed by logging in and 'Making a Payment'

Please direct all membership renewal enquiries to the ASEG Secretariat.


Logging in to the ASEG Site

Members can log in to the ASEG site to update their contact details, pay their fees on-line and take part in other members only functions including free online access to Preview and Exploration Geophysics.

To access your membership profile, login via the button at the top right of each page and at anytime you can view your profile by clicking on your Name when logged in.


Data Collection Policy

The ASEG's Data Collection policy is described here. Please address any additional inquiries to the Webmaster.