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The ASEG offers two methods through which geoscientists may update and acquire new skills.  It is envisaged that geoscientists and geophysicists completing these courses can obtain CPD recognition from their respective employers and professional institutes.
ASEG’s annual travelling program of one-day courses on minerals and petroleum subjects delivered by distinguished lecturers focussing on the needs of early career geoscientists with an interest in geophysics. Each course is hosted in turn by two or more State Branches across the country over a period of one to two weeks.
ASEG’s series of annual travelling specialised courses for geophysicists wishing to upskill and update their knowledge of advances in specific geophysics technology and techniques. Each course in this series will usually extend for two or more days and be hosted by State Branches across the country over a period of three to four weeks.
Call for expressions of interest
Based on the 2017 Member's Survey, the ASEG seeks interest in presenters for the following topics:
  • General
    • Borehole Geophysics for Mineral Exploration (2 requests)
    • Geophysics for Geologists (2 requests)
    • Geophysics for Geotechnical Engineers
    • Geotechnical Engineering for Geologists and Geophysicists
    • Oil and Gas Exploration Basics
    • Rock Properties
    • Digital Rock Physics
    • Shallow Environmental Geophysics Particularly with Electrical Methods
    • Near Surface Geophysics
  • Interpretation
    • Interpretation and Case History Workshops (3 requests)
    • Solid Geology Interpretation using multiple datasets
    • Exploring under cover effectively
    • Radiometrics applied for Regolith and Soil Mapping
    • IP case studies
    • EM case studies
    • EM interpretation
    • Oil/Gas and Geothermal Applications of EM
    • Potential Field Case Studies
    • Broadband Seismic for Interpreters
    • Geothermal history and source rock maturity
    • Hydro-geological and Engineering Case Studies
  • Inversion
    • Constraining 3D Seismic Inversions
    • Joint Inversion
    • Inversion Pitfalls
    • IP inversion modelling
    • Modelling of Passive Seismic Data
    • Inverting comprehensive large fold electrical method datasets
    • Anisotropy Modelling and Analysis
    • Full Waveform Inversion
  • Technique-specific
    • TDEM
    • Airborne EM
    • Airborne Gravity Applications
    • Gravity
    • Gravity Processing
    • Magnetotellurics
    • Magnetics
    • Latest developments in EM
    • Magnetics Data Processing
    • Seismic Acquisition
    • Seismic Processing
  • Personal Development Courses
    • Computing Workshops /Basic Programming Skills Workshop (2 requests)
    • Resume Writing
    • Report Writing
  • Business Courses
    • Financial/Company Management
    • Risk and Uncertainty
    • Data Management