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NSW Talk - A New Integration Approach Led to the Discovery of a New Deep-seated World-classPorphyry Copper Deposit

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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

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Title: A New Integration Approach Led to the Discovery of a New Deep-seated World-classPorphyry Copper Deposit

Presenter: Hojat Shirmard

Date & Time: Jun 19, 2024 @ 1800



The discovery of a new deep-seated world-class porphyry copper deposit named Sereydoun resulted from a distinctive approach to processing, analyzing, and interpreting airborne geophysical data and satellite images in the cluster of Sarcheshmeh copper porphyry mine. This area, which was becoming a tailings dump for the Sarcheshmeh mine, has now become one of Iran's largest porphyry copper deposits after drilling more than 100,000 meters of exploration boreholes, with a reserve of approximately 3.5 billion tons of copper, an average grade of 0.4%, and a cutoff grade of 0.15%. Several porphyry and epithermal copper and gold potential regions were also introduced for further investigation. Following the lithogeochemical survey, interpretation, and integration of the data, the ideal exploratory drilling locations for Sereydoun were determined. The approach used in this study can play a significant role in other places looking for epithermal and deep porphyry copper and gold deposits.



Hojat is a PhD candidate in the EarthByte Group, School of Geosciences, University of Sydney. He holds a MSc degree in Mining Engineering – Mineral Exploration from the University of Tehran. He has experience doing more than 200 mineral exploration projects in different districts of Iran including geophysics, remote sensing, geology, and geochemistry. He has a track record of being involved in discovering a variety of ore deposits through a combination of fieldwork, processing, analysis, integrating a variety of exploration data in industry-based projects. He is now working on “Spatio-temporal Data Mining in Mineral Exploration”. His research has implications regarding developing sustainable mineral exploration in the era of the green energy transition.