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WA Technical talk: Seismic attenuation, dispersion, and anisotropy in porous rocks: Mechanisms and Models

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Seismic attenuation, dispersion, and anisotropy in porous rocks: Mechanisms and Models

Understanding and modeling of attenuation of elastic waves in fluid-saturated rocks is important for a range of geophysical technologies that utilize seismic, acoustic, or ultrasonic amplitudes. A major cause of elastic wave attenuation is viscous dissipation due to the flow of the pore fluid induced by the passing wave. Wave-induced fluid flow occurs as a passing wave creates local pressure gradients within the fluid phase and the resulting fluid flow is accompanied with internal friction until the pore pressure is equilibrated. The fluid flow can take place on various length scales: for example, from compliant fractures into the equant pores (so-called squirt flow), or between mesoscopic heterogeneities like fluid patches in partially saturated rocks. A common feature of these mechanisms is heterogeneity of the pore space, such as fractures, compliant grain contacts, or fluid patches. Using theoretical calculations and experimental data, we will explore how this heterogeneity affects attenuation, dispersion, and anisotropy of porous rocks. I will outline a consistent theoretical approach that quantifies these phenomena and discuss rigorous bounds for attenuation and dispersion.


Boris Gurevich has an MSc in geophysics from Moscow State University (1976) and a PhD from Institute of Geosystems, Moscow, Russia (1988), where he began his research career (1981–1994). In 1995–2000 he was a research scientist at the Geophysical Institute of Israel, where he focused mainly on diffraction imaging problems. Since 2001, he has been a professor of geophysics at Curtin University and advisor to CSIRO (Perth, Western Australia). At Curtin he has served as Head of Department of Exploration Geophysics (2010–2015) and since 2004 as director of the Curtin Reservoir Geophysics Consortium. He has served on editorial boards of Geophysics, Journal of Seismic Exploration, and Wave Motion. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Physics and has more than 100 journal publications in the areas of rock physics, poroelasticity, seismic theory, modeling, imaging, and monitoring of CO2 geosequestration. His research achievements include development of advanced theoretical models of seismic attenuation and dispersion in heterogeneous porous rocks. Boris is currently an SEG Honorary Lecturer.

WA Technical talk: The Australian Continent: A Geophysical Synthesis

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

The Australian Continent: A Geophysical Synthesis is designed to provide a summary of the character of the Australian continent through the extensive information available at the continental scale, as a contribution to the understanding of Australia's lithospheric architecture and its evolution. The results build on the extensive databases assembled at Geoscience Australia, particularly for potential fields, supplemented by the full range of seismological information, mostly from The Australian National University. To aid in cross comparison of results from different disciplines, information is presented with a common projection and scales.

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WA AGM & Christmas party

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

The WA Branch of the Australian Society of Exploration Geophysicists invites you to attend the upcoming ASEG WA Branch Christmas Party and AGM.

The AGM will commence at 5pm and the 2019 WA committee will be voted in.

The Secretary of the WA branch of the ASEG will be standing down so we are looking for interested members to nominate for this role and for other committee positions to be voted on at the AGM. The nomination form is available here. Please send your nominations to either the or All nominations for the committee must be received by 7th December.

The Branch Christmas party will follow immedaitely after the AGM. Drink tokens and light catering will be provided but REGISTRATION and RSVP is REQUIRED (please note any dietary requirements).

Please email with any queries or for additional information.

Please drive safe - nearby red cat route and parking at Wilson and CPP facilities.

WA Technical night: Annual Student Presentations

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Six undergraduate and post-graduate students from UWA and Curtin will present their recent work in the field of geophysics at our annual student night. Attendees will be asked to vote on the best presentation, and one student will be awarded a prize courtesy of the WA branch.

WA Young professionals mentoring program

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Annual student tech night with presentations by several Curtin and UWA students