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ASEG WA Tech Night - The future of geophysics education and research at Australian Universities

Thursday, July 25, 2024

Title: The future of geophysics education and research at Australian Universities

Presenter: Prof Brett Harris

Date and time: Thursday, July 25 · 1730 AWST

Location: The Shoe Bar and Cafe, 376 - 420 Wellington Street Perth, WA 6050 Australia



Australian Universities have come under considerable pressure and must continue to adapt and transform to be both financially viable and meet the needs of society. I invite the geophysics community of Western Australia to engage in an open discussion on future of geophysics research, teaching and learning in the University sector. There will be a particular emphasis on roles of artificial intelligence and evolving technologies like quantum sensors.


Brett has a comprehensive industry and research background focused on a technologies for search, delineations and development of subsurface resources. Brett has been Program II leader in Australia’s approximately 145 million dollar 8.5 year Deep Exploration Technologies Cooperative Research Centre (DET CRC). Brett has established a large portfolio of research projects and is author on many research publications in high impact Journals. Prof. Harris supervises several PhD students and coordinates undergraduate subjects including advanced electromagnetism and potential fields, environmental geophysics and seismic interpretation. In summary Brett has the ability to consistently generate quality innovative research solutions from earth science projects that may span geophysics, numerical simulation, hydrogeology, geothermal technologies, mineral exploration, aquifer replenishment, geological sequestration of CO2, well logging and or well field design.

ASEG WA Networking Event: Women in Geoscience

Wednesday, June 26, 2024

ASEG WA Networking Event: Women in Geoscience

Date and time: Wednesday, June 26 · 5:30pm AWST

Location: The Shoe Bar and Cafe, 376 - 420 Wellington Street Perth, WA 6050 Australia



Hosting a panel of three emerging industry professional and academia researchers: Natalia Valenzuela, Stephanie Vialle, and Anne Tomlinson; to shed light on their careers in the industry and academia.


Natalia is a geoscientist with over five years of integrative experience across various geoscience domains. She holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Earth Sciences (Mexico) and a Master’s in Geoscience from the University of Western Australia. Her professional journey commenced with a focus on near-surface geophysical methods. Upon completion of postgraduate studies in Australia, she embarked on a dynamic career path, including seismic interpretation in the oil and gas industry (Internship at Woodside), followed by enriching experiences in the mining sector, where she contributed to exciting copper and gold projects (Resource geoscientist at Rio Tinto-Winu and grad geo at Northern Star- Carouse Dam). In the most recent years, she transitioned to the urban life and ventured into a new industry, joining Datamine as an exploration geology consultant. This year, her journey led to HiSeis, where she have found the ideal fusion of seismic interpretation and mineral exploration, working as a seismic interpreter. This role encapsulates her passion for integrating seismic data with mineral exploration, driving innovation and insights in both fields.



Stephanie Vialle is a geoscientist, educator and mentor, interested in Earth Sciences in general and in Geochemistry and Rock Physics in particular. She is a unit coordinator and lecturer for several units in the fields of Geophysics and Earth Sciences at Curtin University. Her core area of research is multidisciplinary by nature, and lies in the understanding of how geophysical observables relate to geological features and dynamic processes via the link of geochemistry. She has contributed to and led several government and industry-funded projects on various geological or subsurface-engineered processes, such as aquifer storage and recharge, geological carbon sequestration, and currently, stimulation and storage of hydrogen and mineral exploration.

She has a PhD from the Institut de physique du globe de Paris (IPGP) and Paris Cité University (formerly Paris Diderot University) and did her postdoc at Stanford University before moving to Australia.



Anne’s a dual-qualified geologist and geophysicist with a specialisation in potential fields and interpretation. She completed her studies at the University of Auckland and spent her early graduate years with Newmont in near-mine exploration and mine geology roles at underground gold operations in Queensland and Western Australia. She joined Southern Geoscience in 2005 and after nine years as a Principal Geophysicist, she stepped into the Managing Director role in 2021. Anne is passionate about geoscience and the resources industry and has been actively involved in professional bodies throughout her career. She currently sits on the ASEG’s Education Committee and is part of the CSIRO’s Professionals in Schools program, regularly advocating STEM and geoscience at primary and secondary school levels, especially for girls.

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WA - PESA-SPE-ASEG YP Networking Evening July 2024

Friday, July 12, 2024

Please join the Perth Young Professional Geoscientists and Engineers from the petroleum and mining industries for a light-hearted night of in-person networking and great conversation


Event Details:

Date: Friday, 12th July2023 5:30-8:00pm.
Venue: The Shoe Bar, Yagan Square

There will be a Panel of 3 industry professionals to talk about their careers and answer some of your questions.

Ticket Prices: Free - Please register here for catering purposes by Thursday 11th 5pm


This event is exclusively for Young Professionals and early career professionals (people who have been working in the Oil and Gas or mining industry for less than 10 years). Please come along if you’re a student, graduate or working professional. Meeting your industry peers is a good chance to talk about your different backgrounds, experiences, projects and companies with like-minded people in a very laid back and friendly setting.

ASEG WA Tech Night: Application of Geophysics Across the Mining Value Chain - Case Studies

Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Title: Application of Geophysics Across the Mining Value Chain – Case Studies

Presenter: Asmita Mahanta

Date and Time: Wednesday, May 29 · 5:30pm AWST


Location: The Shoe Bar and Cafe, 376 - 420 Wellington Street Perth, WA 6050


Asmita has +26 years of experience in Exploration and Mining. She started as a Graduate Geophysicist in BHP Minerals Exploration in India in 1997. She worked in various roles across continents in BHP, including Minerals Exploration, Innovation and Western Australian Iron Ore. Her current role is Global Practice Lead Geophysics at BHP Geoscience Centre of Excellence. She holds a master’s degree in applied Geophysics from Indian Institute of Technology (ISM) Dhanbad.

She is very passionate about inclusion & diversity, building Geoscience capability to enable future options, and delivering deposit knowledge to realise our full potential. She has entrenched geophysics in the iron ore value chain from resource definition to grade control to material handling. She has led through several innovations in geoscience, both in greenfield exploration and grade control space, from concept to implementation.

WA Tech Night: DAS Reflection Seismic For Mineral Exploration in Harsh Environments

Thursday, May 2, 2024

Title: DAS Reflection Seismic For Mineral Exploration in Harsh Environments

Presenter: Prof Milovan Urosevic

Date and Time: Thursday, May 2 · 1730 AWST



A number of hyper-saline lakes across Western Australia are known to overlie substantial and diverse mineral resources. Exploring those by means of the application of conventional equipment is limited and prone to significant hardware issues and equipment damage. In contrast such an environment seems appropriate for the application of the DAS technology. This technology originated in the 1980s and its practical potential in seismic sensing was developed in the 1990s, as described in the historical review of Hartog (2018). Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) uses strain-induced optical distortion effects to re-purpose optical telecommunication fibres as multi-channel seismic arrays. In this study, we present the evaluation and application of DAS for seismic exploration of mineral resources over the years, through several field studies. We show that DAS has the potential to replace surface geophones in such environment. Further test were oriented towards implementation of a reflection mode DAS in a dry hard ground surface as typically found in mineral exploration. To implement DAS in the reflection mode we have developed automated DAS underground installation using a plough attached to a variety of different utility vehicles. The key aspects of the new super-effective 3D seismic exploration with DAS technology are discussed in our presentation. The results of 3D DAS seismic experiment is giving us confidence that implementation of DAS for mineral exploration has a bright future.


Milovan Urosevic received a BSc (Hons) in geophysics from the University of Belgrade in 1980, an MSc in geophysics from the University of Houston in 1985 and a PhD in geophysics from Curtin University in 2000. He held leading roles in several major Australian cooperative research centres such as APCRC, CO2CRC, DETCRC, and MinEx CRC. His main interest is utilising new seismic technologies to advance the exploration of natural resources. Milovan is an Emeritus professor at Curtin University, Perth, WA and co-founder of HiSeis, a world-leading hard rock seismic company. He is a member of ASEG, EAGE and AGES.

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WA branch tech night: New Methods for Constraining Geology from Geophysics

Thursday, March 28, 2024

ASEG WA Special Tech Night

Title: New Methods for Constraining Geology from Geophysics

Presenter: Prof. Mark Jessell

Date and time: Starts on Thursday, March 28 · 1730 AWST

Location: The Shoe Bar and Cafe, 376 - 420 Wellington Street Perth, WA 6050


Zoom registration:


In this presentation we present some of the activities from the MinEx CRC/Loop Consortium/DARE ITTC work on building 3D geological models using geophysical data. The talk will briefly highlight the following areas:

Integration of automatic implicit geological modelling in deterministic geophysical inversion (

Some results from the Tomofast-x inversion platform, with its ability to use detailed petrophysical statistics as constraints on gravity/mag inversion (,

The use of a massive library of synthetic 3D geological models and their gravity and magnetic response as a Machine Learning training set (, and

Our latest work on navigating regional geophysical data using a combined feature extraction/non-linear dimensionality reduction technique method.


Mark Jessell is a Professor at the Centre for Exploration Targeting at The University of Western Australia. His scientific interests revolve around the tectonics and metallogenesis of the West African and Guyanese Cratons (WAXI & SAXI) microstructure studies (the Elle platform), and integration of geology and geophysics in 3D (the Loop project). He returned to Australia from France on a Western Australian Fellowship focused on improving the links between geological and geophysical data analysis in 3D via analysis of the geological and topological uncertainty. In 2013 he was awarded the Geological Society of Australia Hobbs Medal for major contributions in structural geology. He is a director of the not-for-profit Agate Project Ltd which supports higher education in the Earth Sciences in Africa.

More info:

Drinks and nibbles will be available from 5:30pm - 6:15pm. The talk will commence promptly at 6:15pm. ASEG would like to thank our sponsors for their continued support.

CPP Parking offer cheap parking close to the venue. Additional cheap parking may also be found nearby the State Library.



Wednesday, November 13, 2024

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ASEG WA: Student & Networking Night

Thursday, February 8, 2024

ASEG WA Present: Student & Networking Night

The WA Branch of the Australian Society of Exploration Geophysicists invites you to join us to start 2024 with the Perth geophysical community - a relaxed Student and Young Professional Networking Night where you can mingle and share your story!

Drinks and foods will be available shortly after from 5:30pm.

Location: Mayfair Lane
Address:  72 Outram Street West Perth, WA, 6005
Date:       Feb 8, 2024
When:      5:30 PM


Register here.

ASEG WA: Christmas Party 2023

Wednesday, December 6, 2023

ASEG WA Present: Christmas Party 2023

The WA Branch of the Australian Society of Exploration Geophysicists invites you to come and celebrate the end of 2023 with the community.
A relaxed evening of drinks, pizza and lawn bowls is scheduled as:

Location: Leederville Sporting Club
Address: 78 Cambridge Street West, Leederville, WA, 6007
Date: Dec 6, 2023
When: 5:00 PM

Notes: -- Parking is available at the venue
            -- Venue is close to Leederville train station

The event is free to all ASEG members. Woodfired pizzas and drinks tokens will be provided. If you have any queries, don't hesitate to get in touch with the secretary using
We look forward to seeing all of you there!

Register here. 

ASEG WA Annual General Meeting 2023

Thursday, November 23, 2023

ASEG WA Branch AGM and networking dinner. Have your say on the future of the ASEG! Treasurer vote for office bearers for 2024.

ASEG WA is looking for committee members for 2024. All EOI need to contact Michel Nzikou at Also, we will be voting for the treasurer role as the current one is leaving us this year end. So, if your interest is in the treasurer role, please let us know as well.

Drinks and nibbles will be available from 5:30pm - 6:15pm. The committee report will commence promptly at 6:15pm. ASEG would like to thank our sponsors for their continued support.

CPP Parking offer cheap parking fee and it is very close to the venue. Also, the Parking by the State Library is nearby and is cheap too.

Register here.