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ASEG Webinar ACT Branch 29-April-2020: Dr Steph McLennan & Dr Jon Clarke

Title: Working in isolation – Antarctica and on ‘Mars’ Dr Steph McLennan and Dr Jon Clarke. Both from Geoscience Australia.

The ACT Branch of the ASEG Wednesday 29th April Hosted by Marina Costelloe, we hear from two experts in working in isolation - Dr Steph McLennan (Antarctica) and Dr Jon Clarke (‘Mars’)

Dr Steph McLennan is a geoscientist and communicator, working to understand environmental impacts on ice-free areas of Antarctica. These environments are particularly vulnerable to damage from infrastructure development and tourism and can be incredibly slow to recover. Steph joined Geoscience Australia as a graduate in 2015 and received her PhD in environment geoscience from the University of Adelaide in 2016. She has worked on sedimentary basins and landscape evolution in eastern and northern Australia as well as periglacial landscapes in East Antarctica. Dr McLennan is a super star of STEM.

Dr Jon Clarke graduated as a palaeontologist, moved into petroleum and coal geology, and undertook a PhD in carbonate sedimentology and palaeoecology. He has worked on marine surveys in the Southern and Indian Oceans, explored for base metals, nickel and gold in Archaean and Proterozoic terranes in South and western Australia, the Northern Territory and Queensland, as well as for gold and copper in the Philippines and Chile. Jon has a keen interest in Mars and has been studying terrestrial analogues of Martian landscapes and developing exploration strategies for human missions to Mars. His expertise also covers exploration strategies for human missions is through integrated field research of instruments (spectrometers, data capture, geophysical tools), methodologies (scouting, navigation), exploration technologies (suits, living modules, rovers, field robotics), at appropriate levels of simulation fidelity.