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ASEG Webinar 21 - Apr - 2020: Chloe Gustafson

Title: Characterizing extensive hydrogeologic systems beneath ice sheets and oceans using electromagnetic methods.

Speaker: Chloe Gustafson - Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University

Date: 21/04/2020

Abstract: Groundwater systems hidden beneath ice sheets and oceans impact modern hydrologic processes and hold information about past Earth environments. These hydrologic systems are likely common features, yet the distribution and volume of groundwater remains poorly constrained due to challenging environments limiting observations. Improved characterization of subglacial and submarine groundwater systems is necessary for understanding past and present mechanisms of groundwater emplacement and global biogeochemical cycles. Furthermore, characterizing these systems is of immediate societal relevance, as subglacial groundwater may influence how ice is flowing and ultimately contributing to sea level rise, and submarine groundwater may represent an unexploited freshwater resource. In my talk, I will discuss how I use electromagnetic geophysical methods coupled with complementary geophysical and geochemical data to better understand groundwater systems beneath the West Antarctic Ice Sheet and offshore the U.S. Atlantic margin.