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WA tech night: High Density 3D seismic acquisition – An Illustrated Example from Onshore India

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Thursday, October 26, 2023

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Shoe Bar & Café

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Title: High Density 3D seismic acquisition – An Illustrated Example from Onshore India

Presenter: Mick Micenko

Date and time: 26 Oct 2023, 1730

Venue: Shoe Bar and Cafe




The world class Mangala oil field was discovered in Rajasthan in 2005. Even though the field had 3D seismic coverage the crest of the structure was poorly imaged and an experimental 2D seismic line was recorded across the crest later in 2004. This test line confirmed the benefits of using closer spaced source and receiver points and led to a high-density 3D survey being recorded across the field commencing in August 2006. Severe flooding in Rajasthan delayed recording for several months and the 120 square km survey was eventually completed in May 2007. Development drilling began in 2008 The HD3D was acquired with short station intervals with source and receiver spacing of 10m, increased vibrator frequency range using a single vibrator and effectively point receivers. This resulted in a 20Hz gain in bandwidth and improved signal- noise. The resulting seismic data had improved imaging of the shallow section which led to better depth migration and enhanced resolution of the structural complexities within the reservoir allowing more optimal positioning of the development wells. The Field began production in 2008 with oil initially being trucked until a heated pipeline was built to transport the oil 600km to the coast This talk will be illustrated with colourful pictures of life in India.


Mick Micenko is an Honorary Member of the ASEG and is well known for his regular Seismic Windows articles published in the Preview magazine. He started his working career acquiring gravity, magnetic and IP data across Australia for mining companies before moving into the oil industry working the Eromanga Basin with Delhi Petroleum. He has a wealth of experience in a variety of basins in Australia, NZ, India, SE Asia, Africa and the USA and became a well-respected seismic interpretation consultant. He has worked for numerous companies and taught the Seismic Interpretation course at Curtin University for many years.