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WA Tech Night: The Growth of Automation in Marine Seismic Acquisition and Processing

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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

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Quest, East Perth 176 Adelaide Terrace, East Perth

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The Growth of Automation in Marine Seismic Acquisition and Processing

Andrew Long 

(Chief Scientist & Technology Analyst, PGS)


Oil and gas exploration is one of countless industries starting to embrace digitalization platforms, robotization, and various other forms of automation to improve the efficiency of the related processes involved in how the data are delivered. Some grandiose proposals in industry forums today include seismic processing-to-drilling workflows with timeframes of only a few days being achievable. I present several examples of how autonomous robotization is augmenting marine seismic acquisition, the use of simulation and remote control facilities for managing field operations, current bottlenecks to real time acquisition and processing, directions in AI and deep learning for seismic processing and imaging (including analogues to the minerals industry), and consider the challenges of significantly reduced human interaction to the management of future projects. This presentation is designed as a broad overview rather than presenting commercial solutions.


Andrew Long has a B.Sc. in physics and geophysics from Melbourne University, a PGrad.Dip.App.Physics in petroleum geophysics from Curtin University, and a Ph.D. in geophysics from the University of Western Australia. His career includes experience with land seismic acquisition and processing, satellite altimetry R&D for producing marine gravity products, and postdoctoral research in seismic imaging and crustal geophysics at Stanford University, before joining PGS in 1997. He is now Chief Scientist and Technology Analyst, with interests in most areas of seismic technology and the interpretation of geophysical data. Andrew was an SEG Honorary Lecturer for the Pacific South region in 2009; has presented various courses on seismic-related geophysics for the SEG, EAGE and ASEG; and is a member of ASEG, PESA, EAGE, SEG and SEAPEX.

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