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Resources for Future Generations

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Saturday, June 16, 2018

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Vancouver Convention Center, Vancouver BC Canada

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RFG2018 is the first IUGS event to be held between Quadrennial IUGS International Geological Congresses, and the first to be focused on a specific topic. The conference will examine the critical natural resources that led to the development of the human race over the last 10,000 years, and remain fundamental to our existence – Energy, Minerals and Water. These themes will be looked at from the perspective of the Earth and the knowledge that underpins the future availability and responsible use of resources. Sessions will focus on the interplay among earth science, human ingenuity, new technologies, and environmental and human challenges, in the context of a world that is changing dramatically and unpredictably. This is a unique opportunity to participate in a conference with implications for a sustainable future.

The AGCC 2018 is partnering with the RFG2018 Conference.

The RFG2018 Conference website is here. Submissions for abstracts close 12 February, 2018.