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NSW Tech talk: Continental fragment collision in subduction and the dramatic uplift acceleration in the Eastern Anatolian region

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Wednesday, October 18, 2023

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Title: Continental fragment collision in subduction and the dramatic uplift acceleration in the Eastern Ana-tolian region

Presenter: Peigen Luo

Date and time: 1800 (Sydney) Oct 18, 2023

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The interaction of the subducting lithosphere and embedded continental fragment is a characteristic feature in many subduction zones with complexity. We conducted dynamic subduction modelling to investigate the interactions between the subducting lithosphere and an embedded continental fragment in the Cyprus subduction zone. This study aims to elucidate the effects of the continental fragment on various aspects, including the evolution of regional uplift in the subduction back-arc, morphology of the subducting slab, and internal deformation in the central Anatolian back-arc region during the process of continental fragment indentation. The geodynamic models provide explanations for local seismic data that indicate the absence of lithosphere on the subducting slab ahead of the continental fragment and the puzzling acceleration of uplift in the Central Taurides region over the past 450,000 years. The models demonstrate that the removal of the detached slab due to slab tearing alters the surface deformation and mantle upwelling in the Central Taurides region by reducing the shortening deformation during the collision with the continental fragment. This shift in deformation results in a significant increase in the uplift rate during the subduction slab breakoff process in this region from 450,000 years ago to the present.


Peigen Luo is a dedicated researcher in the field of geological processes. After recently completing his PhD thesis, he's spent years studying plate tectonics, subduction modelling, and applying high-performance supercomputing to geological challenges. Starting his academic journey in 2020 as a PhD student, Peigen has consistently aimed to deepen his understanding and share insights with the academic community. He has also collaborated with the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in a casual professional capacity since 2023. Passionate about both geology and computational science, Peigen seeks to continuously learn and contribute to the ever-evolving field of geoscience.