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NSW talk: The Seven Deadly Sins Of Scale: Why Petrophysics + Structure + Mineralogy Can Solve The Scale Paradox.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2023

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Title: The Seven Deadly Sins Of Scale: Why Petrophysics + Structure + Mineralogy Can Solve The Scale Paradox.

Presenter: Jim Austin

Date & Time: Wednesday, 16th August 2023 at 1800



Prior to the last decade, Petrophysicists typically had access to contextual information on the geology, but that information was qualitative, and unreliable.  of non-contextual (cf. geochemistry, maths, statistics). The advent of quantitative methods for mapping mineralogy and rock texture on palaeomagnetic samples took petrophysics out of the dark ages. It provided quantitative geological information on mineralogy and rock texture, which in turn provide insights into a range of contextual constraints, including alteration, deformation and metamorphism. Quantitative mineralogy allows us to classify our petrophysical data accurately, this providing a framework to interrogate data meaningfully. Inversely, petrophysics provides a lens through which to convert mineralogy into physical properties, many of which (unlike mineralogy and geochemistry) are truly scalar. If we can convert mineralogy to physics, we can understand crustal architecture across scales. Whilst petrophysics is gradually becoming more widely used, physics can be complex, magnetic and conductivity in particular. In this talk, Jim will outline the Integrated Petrophysics approach, illustrate how to integrate and use the data, citing case histories on IOCG, Magnetite and Magmatic Nickel deposits across Australia. We’ll discuss seven of the most common traps which lead to misinterpretation.  


Jim Austin occupies the core of a Venn diagram in which petrophysics, geophysics, structural geology, alteration and magmatic mineralogy, GIS and guitar overlap. He is focussed on dissecting the petrophysical and structural anatomy of ore deposits, to understand the interaction of structural controls on alteration.