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Science & Technology Summary of 2017-2018 Budget

Science & Technology Australia have examined the 2017 Budget for its impact on science & tecnology.

Science and technology Budget wins:

  • $100m to establish the Advanced Manufacturing Fund to boost innovation, skills and employment through a growth fund and centre, a Cooperative Research Centre, innovation labs.
  • $26.1m for astronomy through a strategic partnership with the European Southern Observatory (astronomical research and instrumentation) – ongoing annual indexed commitment of $12m to 2027-28
  • $7m increase in Business Research and Innovation Initiative
  • AMSI internships program supported as promised in MYEFO
  • MRFF starting disbursements as expected with $65.9 million in year one for preventative health, advanced health translation, clinical trials and breakthrough research investments
  • SA Proton beam facility as announced yesterday $60m
  • $115 million for mental health research and services
  • $49.8 million to operate and enable access to the Macquarie Island Antarctic research facility

Science and technology Budget Losses:

  • CSIRO – small reduction of $13.6m over four years
  • Higher education cuts – 2.5% efficiency dividend to universities (as foreshadowed)
  • ARC – will fall behind inflation in forward years so its funding will go backwards in real terms
  • NHMRC – will fall behind slightly in forward years

Their full summary is here.