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In what may be the ultimate crowd-sourcing campaign, Australiaʼs peak body for more than 8000 geoscientists is urging all Australians, from rock fans to primary school students, to take part next week in an innovative social media project to start to track and record Australiaʼs vast geological heritage.

Simple steps to get involved:

  • Take a pic of your favourite rock, outcrop, mountain or other geological feature / site
  • Post it on Twitter and/or Facebook with the hashtag #OzRockStocktake
  • Search for #OzRockStocktake on social media (be sure to select ʻAllʼ or ʻLiveʼ tweets or posts)

The AGC would also love to see photos posted of stone-based monuments, structures with stone features (like the Sydney Harbour Bridge), stone buildings, iconic geological sites like The Three Sisters in the Blue Mountains, dinosaur bones, other fossils and even meteorites. These all show our vast geological heritage and our fascination with the rocks that are the foundation of everything we are and do.

We encourage everyone to get involved in this ultimate Aussie rock tour and geological census, whether it be posting a photo online or even just visiting the #OzRockStocktake pages to see whatʼs there.

The Australian Geoscience Councilʼs (AGC) #OzRockStocktake is being launched as part of Earth Science Week, which starts this Sunday 9 October and runs until Saturday 15 October. The theme of this yearʼs international week is ʻOur Shared Geoheritageʼ.

There is more information about Earth Science Week here.

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