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Goodman School of Mines - Career Path Mapping Survey

Ken Witherly (KEGS) informs us that the Mining Industry Human Resources Council forecasts that between 60,000 and 130,000 new workers will be needed and the input of younger people pursuing mining-related careers is dropping.  
There is a growing need in the mining industry for incoming professionals to possess a variety of working skills, competencies and behaviours that most are currently not learning during their post-secondary education. Mining and exploration companies are left with teaching these skills on-the-job. Considering that professionals commonly, or are often required to, change companies during their career, an external educational provider that monitors individuals’ skills and ensures that they are given the proper tools to succeed will benefit the quality of professionals in the mining industry.
The Goodman School of Mines Career Path Mapping Program ​has been established to help mining companies meet their highly qualified personnel needs by providing training to professionals enabling them to make quality technical, social, and commercial decisions as they advance through the roles of their careers.

A survey has been developed for mid-late career professionals (10+ years’ experience) to assess what they believe would improve the knowledge of professionals in their field. 
Please consider contributing to this initiative by completing the following survey:
Please contact Nicole Tardif for further information.