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Earth Science Week: UNCOVER

‘Next generation’ of hidden mineral deposits
essential to Australia’s continued prosperity
and resource security

The Federal and State governments have a ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity to invest significantly in a world-first initiative to find the ‘next generation’ of hidden mineral deposits in Australia to sustain Australia’s high level of economic prosperity and resource security, the peak body for Australia’s 8000 geoscientists has urged.
Speaking during international Earth Science Week, the President of the Australian Geoscience Council (AGC), Dr Bill Shaw, said the UNCOVER initiative — which has brought together government geoscience agencies, industry and research bodies in a unique collaboration — is already kicking goals in initiating and fast-tracking much-needed geoscience research, geological data collection and new exploration technologies to find ‘hidden’ mineral deposits. But he warned that significant increased and sustained long-term investment is needed now to ensure UNCOVER can deliver to its full potential. He added that investment in UNCOVER would enable Australia to stake its claim in the ‘next generation’ global mining boom, at a time when other countries are already acting to win more of the global exploration and production pie in many commodities, including those that will be needed for the production, storage and transmission of renewable energy.

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