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Critical Minerals Forum Advances in critical mineral research: A forum in memory of Victor Labson

Critical Minerals Forum Advances in critical mineral research: A forum in memory of Victor Labson

Sponsored by the World Community of Geological Surveys and hosted by the American Geosciences Institute

Presentations will focus on advanced mineral system models that are applicable to critical minerals and new methods for modelling mineral potential in buried, remote, and/or other challenging mineral exploration settings. The Critical Minerals Forum will be hosted as a set of three regional sessions (Americas, Europe and Africa, and Asia and Oceania). Each regional forum will feature pre-recorded lectures from science policy experts and geoscientists and a live plenary and moderated discussion session with attendees.


Americas - 12 February 2021

The role of geological survey organizations to advance critical mineral research

Europe and Africa - 19 February 2021

The past, present, and future directions of critical mineral research

Asia and Oceania - 26 February 2021

Geoscience to support critical mineral discovery


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