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Call for nominations: ASEG Federal Executive


In accordance with Article 8.2 of the ASEG Constitution, “the elected members of the Federal Executive are designated as Directors of the Society for the purposes of the Act”.

These are the President, President-Elect, Immediate Past President, Treasurer and Secretary.

They shall be elected annually by the Members of the Society at the Annual General Meeting. These office bearers shall succeed the previous ones upon the conclusion of the Annual General Meeting. At the end of their term each officer will retire but may nominate and be eligible for re-election, except for President which will be automatically filled by the outgoing President-Elect, and Immediate Past President.


The Federal Executive shall comprise up to 12 members, and shall at least include the five elected members:-

(i)         a President (elected as a two-year term, one as President, immediately followed by one year as Immediate Past President)

(ii)        a President-Elect

(iii)       the Immediate Past President

(iv)       a Secretary

(v)        a Treasurer

These officers will be elected by a ballot of Members.


In addition, the following offices are recognized: -

  • the Chair of the Publications Committee
  • the Chair of the Membership Committee
  • the Chair of the State Branch Committees (unless otherwise a member of the Federal Executive)
  • Up to four others to be determined by the Federal Executive.

These officers will be appointed by the Federal Executive Committee but nominations are welcome.


Please forward the name of the nominated candidate and the position nominating for, along with two members eligible to vote, to the Secretary:

Leslie Atkinson

c/- ASEG Secretariat

PO Box 576, Crowsnest NSW 1585

Tel: +61 2 9431 8622


Nominations should be received via post or email no later than COB Friday 17 February 2023. Positions for which there are multiple nominations will then be determined by online ballot of Members and results declared at the Annual General Meeting.



The 2023 Annual General Meeting of the Australian Society of Exploration Geophysicists will take place at 12:30 pm AEST, on Friday 17 March 2023, at the Brisbane Conference and Exhibition Centre, and via Zoom.                                                      

Be there to make a difference!


For more information, contact ASEG Secretariat at, or Tel: +61 2 9431 8622