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ASEG-PESA Mentoring program

The PESA – ASEG WA Mentoring Program has seen a fantastic response from WA PESA and WA ASEG members. The mentoring program has successfully linked up 20 mentor-mentee pairs from diverse backgrounds, ages and professional experiences. In May, Simon Molyneux facilitated the Mentees and Mentors framing sessions. These sessions aimed to explain what a mentoring program is, what are the foundations of a mentoring program, to describe an ideal mentor-mentee relationship and to explain what mentors and a mentees are expected to do. The pairs were formally introduced to each other on June 20th at the Mentoring Kick-off session where they signed a mentoring agreement that describes the expectations of the mentee and the mentor, they defined how frequently they will meet and defined what they wanted to achieve. Most importantly, they defined how they would measure success at the end of the mentoring journey.

The mentoring coordinators have already received positive feedback from the pairs on how the event has been organized and they are looking forward to the Mid-Program Tracking Session on September the 5th.

If you have any questions regarding the program, please don’t hesitate to email Ishtar Barranco or Carolina Pimentel.

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