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ASEG FedEx- Talk by Dr Marcus Haynes, Geoscience Australia

Event Type

Event Date

Thursday, July 28, 2022

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Zoom, virtual webinar

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1230 (ACT)

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1330 (ACT)

Event Details

Title: A Bayesian Re-appraisal of Australian Heat Flow: insights on science questions and inverse modelling

Presenter: Dr Marcus Haynes, Geoscience Australia

Date: 28-July-22

Time: 12:30 (ACT)


Short abstract: Geothermal data offers a unique perspective from which to image the Earth. However, geothermal data is difficult to collect and this has necessitated a reliance on industrial data collection during the exploration for mineral and petroleum resources. Resulting data quality issues have limited previous studies in their ability map the information contained in the data into robust model inferences. In this presentation, I will reflect on aspects of my PhD research where I employed a Bayesian statistical framework to address the above issues, predominantly through the re-appraisal of Australian crustal heat flow data. A novel inverse model will be discussed and used to infer the surface heat flow field across Australia. Alongside insights into Australia’s heat flow field, I will also reflect on my own personal insights into the nature and application of Bayesian inverse methods in geophysics.


Dr Marcus Haynes is the module leader for the Lithospheric Geophysics and Economic Fairways projects under Geoscience Australia’s Exploring for the Future program. He holds a Bachelor of Global and Ocean Sciences (Hons) and a PhD in geophysics, both from the Australian National University. He joined Geoscience Australia fifteen years ago, initially as a cadet, and has experience in multidisciplinary geoscience with a focus on geophysical inference and mineral potential assessments.