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VIC Technical Lunch - Muon GeoTomography

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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

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The Kelvin Club, 14-30 Melbourne Place, Melbourne, VIC 3000

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AMIRA International, the ASEG and AusIMM have teamed up to arrange a special lunchtime meeting on the 17th of April 2019, at which the exciting new geophysical technique of Muon GeoTomography will be presented by Don Furseth, the CEO of CRM.


Lunch will be held at the Kelvin Club from noon and is a paying event.


You will find event details as well as an abstract and a speaker bio on the Evenbrite link below.


Please RSVP on Eventbrite before the 12/04/2019 COB.



Muon GeoTomography is a new geophysical technique providing 3D density imaging and monitoring using naturally-occurring cosmic ray muons. Unlike other geophysical techniques, muon geotomography provides straight line imaging (enabling accurate 3D localization), is passive (using naturally-occurring cosmic ray muons), is impervious to mechanical or electrical noise, and can see through conductive cover.

CRM GeoTomography Technologies (CRM) based in Canada, is commercialising the technology and has detectors in the field:

• Large (for brownfield applications)

• Compact (for submerged/other locations)

• Borehole - Detectors for HQ boreholes are in development, with field trials expected in early 2020.

CRM has published successful results for:

• A VMS deposit (zinc/lead/copper/silver) under rugged terrain (Myra Falls, BC, Canada / Nyrstar),

• A MVT deposit ( zinc/lead/other) at 450 m depth (Pend Oreille, Washington, USA / Teck), and

• A high-grade Uranium deposit at 600 m depth (McArthur River, Canada / Orano & Cameco).

Other applications include:

• Brownfield and greenfield mineral exploration;

• Block cave (air gap) monitoring; detection of voids and old workings;

• Other 3D density imaging and monitoring applications for resources/industrial, safety and security.



Don is an engineering physicist and entrepreneur with 30+ years of experience commercializing advanced, multi-disciplinary technology, with an emphasis on imaging and remote sensing. With engineering degrees from the University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University, Don has worked in a variety of roles ranging from applied research, to product development, product management, operations and executive roles. Technologies have spanned photonics, satellite remote sensing, synthetic aperture radar, other imaging technologies, systems engineering and most recently muon geotomography. In recent years, Don has led a team to commercialise muon geotomography - a 3D density imaging and monitoring technology that can help exploration geologist discover, and deliver other new 3D insights.