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SA/NT AGM + Talk: Challenging land seismic surveys; from design to implementation to imaging

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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

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Thomas Cooper Room, Coopers Alehouse, 316 Pulteney St, Adelaide

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Title: Challenging land seismic surveys, from design to implementation to imaging

Presenter: Dr Claudio Strobbia

Location: Thomas Cooper Room, Coopers Alehouse, 316 Pulteney St, Adelaide

Date: Wednesday 25th May

Time: 5:30 pm for a 6:15 pm start

Cost: Members & students free, non-members $10, includes finger food & drinks

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The challenges of land seismic are a result of the perturbations and of the noise, coherent and incoherent, related to the presence of a highly variable near-surface. The first tens to hundreds of meters not only present a phenomenal variability of geophysical properties, distorting the wavefield, but also host a variety of wave types, which with their scattering can obscure the true reflections from deeper targets. Furthermore, the access and logistical constraints can often prevent a regular sampling of the wavefield.

To solve these challenges and to get a clearer image of the targets, the nature of these phenomena and perturbations must be understood and anticipated. Improvements in signal and noise characterisation can describe and simulate most of the coherent and incoherent noise to create realistic seismic gathers, allowing optimal decisions on the sampling, to define both the micro- and macro-geometry. The novel processing approaches allow leveraging data, for both high-density surveys and sparser, highly irregular geometries.

Claudio will present some novel and innovative approaches to these challenges and demonstrate it is possible to design 3D surveys that result in usable images whilst at the same time maintaining a clear vision to reduce the field effort, safety exposure, costs, and the environmental impact of our seismic operations. Claudio looks forward to a robust discussion with the audience during the Q&A and after the talk. 

Claudio is a research and operations geoscientist, with broad interests in exploration seismology, exploration geophysics and earthquake seismology. As a solution-oriented data geoscientist he enjoys exploring different fields and applications, with a preference for land seismology and challenging exploration data. As an entrepreneur, he is the CEO and Chief Research Scientist of Realtimeseismic (RTS) where his focus is on the development and application of technology and innovation in the geosciences.

Prior to RTS, Claudio was the global land processing specialist and seismic processing supervisor with TotalEnergies (Total) in Pau, France. Before joining Total, he was a senior research geophysicist with Schlumberger, stationed in both Cairo, Egypt, and London, UK. He has worked as a researcher for the EUCENTRE in Pavia, Italy and has taught exploration seismology at the University of Milano-Bicocca. His primary interests are in wave physics, inverse problems, near-surface geophysics, and seismic processing. Within exploration seismology, his main contributions are in noise attenuation and near-surface characterization. Claudio has contributed to scientific and commercial advances in seismic acquisition, seismic data conditioning and data processing, near-surface geophysics, and surface waves and reviews for different scientific journals, enjoys developing training modules and content and teaching.