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QLD Tech Night: Precision Impulsive: A high-productivity land impulse source.

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Thursday, July 27, 2023

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RedBrick Hotel 83 Annerley Road Woolloongabba, QLD 4102

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Title: Precision Impulsive: A high-productivity land impulse source.

Presenter: William Davie

Date/Time: 17:15, 27th July 2023

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Precision Impulse (PI), a seismic source development company, will describe an actuator that drives a versatile seismic source. The source is portable with low environmental impact.

A new high productivity mode could acquire high quality 2D or 3D surface seismic data to find and analyze CO2 storage sites and critical minerals at lower cost with better logistics. The source can also be deployed to acquire 4D seismic data to monitor CO2 storage sites to prove integrity and to optimize geothermal energy production.


An electrical engineer with more than 35 years’ experience in the global oil and gas industry, Will Davie began his career at SLB in North Africa, including introducing early versions of wireline conveyed borehole seismic. In most areas this involved putting an airgun in a pit filled with water, a bit tricky in the desert, hence his interest in an easier to deploy seismic source.

Following operational, technical and marketing roles, Will was appointed as Chief Economist to look at how better understanding of the subsurface can be used to provide more reliable, affordable energy with lower environmental impact. This included the formation of groups to look at CCS monitoring and applications of better subsurface understanding to Water management.

Will has been working on the new seismic source with Precision Impulse since 2012.