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Helping explorers find the nuggets in precompetitive

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Tuesday, March 16, 2021

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1200 (AEDT)

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1300 (AEDT)

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Helping explorers find the nuggets in precompetitive

Join us for David Upton from Precompetitive Review speaking on March 16, 2021 at 12:00 PM (AEDT).

Abstract: Australian precompetitive data and research is having a big impact on mineral discovery in Australia, but it could be doing so much more. We can’t blame this on governments —funding support at federal and state levels is strong. And we can’t blame it in our public geoscientists and academics, who keep on delivering innovative, clever and industry-relevant work. The biggest barrier is a failure by more explorers to seize the opportunities in precompetitive data and research. They can’t be blamed for that either because keeping on top of precompetitive data and research is not easy. Precompetitive Review was launched last year to help the public sector share its work and translate precompetitive data and research into ideas industry can act upon.

Biography: David completed a BSc in Geology at Flinders University in 1985, but chose to write about resources rather than look for them. After several years as a business journalist, including a stint at the SMH/Age in Sydney, he veered off into the murky world of public relations, working for banks, accounting firms and management consultants. David came to his senses in 2007 when he started writing again about mineral exploration. A self-published book released in 2010, The Olympic Dam Story, sparked a fascination with big exploration concepts and the unappreciated value of precompetitive data and research. A decade later, David began publishing Precompetitive Review.

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