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Getting warmer: the search for geothermal resources in Tasmania

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Thursday, April 28, 2022

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Geology Lecture Theatre, University of Tasmania Sandy Bay campus

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Title: Getting warmer: the search for geothermal resources in Tasmania

Presenter: Dr John Bishop, Spa*ark Energy

Date: Thursday 28th April



Geothermal power plants provide emission-free, baseload or load-following (i.e., dispatchable) electricity 24/7 from the smallest footprint of all generators. And excess heat from the plants has several applications including drying, aquaculture, spas, etc.  Two large, code-compliant inferred geothermal resources have been defined in eastern Tasmania, associated with some of Australia’s highest recorded heat flows. A suite of geophysical surveys suggests that one has zones of high permeability, making it akin to a conventional hydrothermal play, albeit a non-volcanic one.  Recent developments in mineral extraction from geothermal brines add to the potential utility of the resources.