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A Survey of the History of Exploration Geophysics Education in Australian Universities

A Survey of the History of Exploration Geophysics Education in Australian Universities

Mike Smith
20 August, 2019

A current goal of the History Committee of the ASEG is to create a record of the teaching of exploration geophysics in Australian universities. It is our hope to preserve documentation of those geophysicists who have given major parts of their professional careers to educating generations of exploration geophysicists, some of whom have (in turn) also contributed to tertiary education in Australia. Many leaders in geophysics teaching have passed away, and it is most important that we preserve records of their roles, as well as those of others who assisted the members of the ASEG over the years.

It has been very pleasing to have received valued contributions from so many members of the former teaching and research staff at Australian universities, who have contributed their recollections of the geophysics teaching staff during and after their period of tenure. In particular, the substantial contributions of Norm Uren (Curtin and WAIT), Michael Roach (Tasmania), Mike Dentith (UWA), David Johnson (Macquarie and UNSW) and Roger Henderson (Macquarie and Sydney) are acknowledged here.

The following tables are the accumulated responses to survey forms issued to universities in Australia that taught exploration geophysics courses. A standard form was used for all so as to maintain consistency.

The data presented in these records is inevitably imperfect and will be improved over time as new information is provided by knowledgeable geophysicists. Several of the tables have gaps or uncertainties, and ASEG readers are invited to advise me of any corrections or additions that they can offer for a final version. My email address is