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Key Historical Dates

Compiled by Roger Henderson and Koya Suto January 2016

January 1970 1st Intnl. Conf. on Geophys. of Earth and Oceans (ICOGEO) and "conception of the ASEG" in Sydney
14 May 1970 ASEG formed as a section of SEG
4 June 1970 Formative meeting, Sydney
September 1970 Vol. 1, No 1 Bulletin of ASEG published
23 June 1971 Memorandum and Articles of Association signed by L. Ingall
13 August 1971 Certificate of Incorporation of ASEG as a public company stamped by the NSW Corporate Affairs Commission
January 1973 ASEG Co-Sponsored 2nd ICOGEO Conference, Sydney. ASEG meeting also held
August 1979 1st ASEG Conference, Adelaide (Organisers: D.W. Emerson, E.D. Tyne & J. Webb)
August 1981 2nd ASEG Conference, Adelaide (Chair: J.E. Haigh)
Oct-Nov 1983 3rd ASEG Conference, Brisbane (Chair: B. Long)
1984 Executive moved to Adelaide
March 1984 Bulletin of ASEG becomes Exploration Geophysics (Vol. 15 No 1)
September 1985 4th ASEG Conference, Sydney (Chair: P.R. Gidley & R.J. Henderson)
January 1986 ASEG Newsletter Preview No 1 published
February 1987 5th ASEG Conference, Perth "Meeting the Challenge" (Chair: G.J. Street)
February 1988 6th ASEG Conference, Adelaide - Joint ASEG/SEG Conference "Leave Nothing Unattempted in 88" (Chair: R.G. Nelson & J.E. Haigh)
1988 Executive and secretariat moved to Perth
September 1989 7th ASEG Conference, Melbourne "Prediction with Precision" (Chair: T. Eadie & P. Grant)
September 1989 ASEG Research Foundation established
February 1991 8th ASEG Conference, Sydney - Joint ASEG/GSA Conference "Exploration in a Changing Environment" (Chair: T. Pippett & W. Jamieson)
1992 Executive moved to Melbourne
October 1992 9th ASEG Conference, Gold Coast "Improved Technologies Revised Solutions" (Chair: R. Huber & H. van Paridon)
February 1994 10th ASEG Conference, Perth "Increasing the Resolution. Clearing the Haze" (Chair: K. Frankcombe & N. Uren)
September 1995 11th ASEG Conference, Adelaide "Increase the Resource Reducing the Risk" (Chair: C. Gumley & D. Tucker)
1996 Executive moved to Brisbane
February 1997 12th ASEG Conference, Sydney "Asia Pacific Exploration" (Chair: R. Henderson & W. Jamieson)
November 1998 13th ASEG Conference, Hobart "Crossing the Borders" (Chair: M. Asten & C. Dempsey)
1999 Executive moved to Sydney
March 2000 14th ASEG Conference, Perth "Exploration beyond 2000" (Chair: K. Frankcombe & M. Sayers)
August 2001 15th ASEG Conference, Brisbane "2001 Geophysical Odyssey" (Chair: J. Bauer & S.N. Sheard) Association Agreement with SEGJ signed
2002 Executive moved to Perth
February 2003 16th ASEG Conference, Adelaide "Growth through Innovation" (Chair: M. Hatch & R. Hillis)
February 2004 First joint issue of Exploration Geophysics with SEGJ and KSEG
March 2004 New Constitution adopted
June 2004 Association agreement with EAGE signed
August 2004 17th ASEG Conference, Sydney - Joint ASEG/PESA Conference "Integrated Exploration in a Changing World" (Chair: T. Pippett & B. Smith)
August 2004 Association agreement with SAGA signed
April 2005 Association agreement with EEGS signed
September 2005 Association agreement with KSEG signed
July 2006 Australian Earth Sciences Convention 2006, Melbourne incorporating the Eighteenth ASEG Conference and GSA 18th Australian Geological Convention (ASEG Chair: S. Haydon)
July 2006 Association Agreement with SPG India signed
November 2007 19th ASEG International Geophysical Conference and Exhibition, Perth - Joint ASEG/PESA/FESAus Conference "Exploration & Beyond" (Chair: B. Evans & H. Golden)
February 2009 20th International Conference and Exhibition Adelaide "Brighter, Deeper, Greener. Geophysics in a Changing Environment" (Chair: A. Shearer & T. Hill)
April 2010 Constitution amended
August 2010 21st International Conference and Exhibition, Sydney "Future Discoveries are in our Hands" (Chair: M. Lackie & P. Cooney)
February 2012 22nd International Conference and Exhibition, Brisbane "Unearthing New Layers" (Chair: A. Rutley & W. Mogg)
March 2012 Exploration Geophysics becomes a joint journal with SEGJ and KSEG
February 2013 Association agreement with SBGf signed
August 2013 23rd International Conference and Exhibition, Melbourne "The Eureka Moment" (Chair: A. Christensen & J. Dunn)
September 2013 The first OzSTEP course takes place
December 2013 Association agreement with GSM signed
February 2014 Secretariat moved to Sydney
February 2015 24th International Conference and Exhibition, Perth - Joint ASEG/PESA Conference "Geophysics and Geology together for Discovery" (Chair: C. Wijns & P. Bouloudas)
August 2016 25th International Conference and Exhibition, Adelaide - Joint ASEG/PESA Conference "Interpreting the Past, Discovering the Future" (Chair: P. Heath & L. Gardiner)

February 2018

First Australasian Exploration Geoscience Conference, Sydney – Joint ASEG/PESA/AIG “Exploration, Innovation, Integration” (Chair: M. Williamson & M. Lackie). Incorporating ASEG 26th International conference and exhibition.

April 2019 Constitution amended

September 2019

Second Australasian Exploration Geoscience Conference, Perth – Joint ASEG/PESA/AIG/WABS “Data to Discovery” (Chair: J. Gorter & T. Dean). Incorporating ASEG 27th International conference and exhibition.

September 2019

Association agreement with SAGA signed

Association agreement with SEG signed

April 2020 First virtual AGM
September 2021 Third Australasian Exploration Geoscience Conference, Brisbane – Joint ASEG/PESA/AIG - VIRTUAL. Incorporating ASEG 28th International conference and exhibition.