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History of geophysical methods

The resources on this page represent historical key dates for various geophysical methods. These will be added to, updated and ammended as required.

Electrical and Electromagnetics. (12 pages)

Thanks to Ken Witherly & Louise Pellerin for contributing this document.


Engineering and Environmental. (9 pages)

Thanks to Geoff Pettifer for contributing this document.


Magnetism 1 (History Magnetic Exploration - Geophysics Vol 70 2005)


Australian Milestones in Airborne Magnetics. (3 pages)

References for this list are found in Doug Morrison’s book “Measuring Terrestrial Magnetism”, Ch. 3, p. 30-36.


Australian Milestones in Ground Magnetics. (32 pages)

Thanks to John M Stanley and Roger Henderson. August 2022.