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Proton Precession Magnetometer

Proton Precession Magnetometer

Elsec Scientific Instruments, Oxford, England


Method: Magnetics


As a precursor to the digital era, Elsec represented five digits by five analogue meters, each divided into 10 increments.

This magnetometer represented an enormous improvement over the previous instruments that required levelling, were less accurate, provided only a relative measure of the magnetic field and displayed this only in analogue form. With the Elsec it was simply a matter of pressing a button, waiting 3 seconds and then writing down a number read off from the pseudo digital display before moving on to the next, pre-surveyed grid station.

Absolute Total Field measurement. Resolution 1 nT (gamma)

Serial Number: 316

Year of manufacture: 1967

Origin: Elsec Scientific Instruments, Oxford, England

Weight: 11 kg