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Magnetic Torsion Balance

Magnetic Torsion Balance

Radar Exploration

Late 1950's (est)

Method: Magnetics


The operation of this variometer is relatively simple compared with earlier models. The instrument is setup on a tripod with the face opposite the measuring Vernier facing North. A single spirit level is used to level the instrument in the east-west direction. The Vernier is then adjusted until the variometer needle is centred beneath a cross hair. The measurement taken from the Vernier is then multiplied by the instrument scale factor which in this case is 13.4. Approximately half a minute should be required for setup and measurement.


Relative measure of (assumed) Horizontal Component. Resolution: est. 5 nT

Serial Number: 69

Year of manufacture: Estimated late 1950’s

Origin: Radar Exploration Co. Toronto, Canada

Weight: 1.5 kg