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Cs Magnetometer, TM-2

Cs Magnetometer, TM-2

Geophysical Research Institute. Armidale, Australia


Method: Magnetics


In 1980 the TM-1 prototype, modified to use a cassette tape recorder replacing a CB radio link was upgraded. Use was now made of the Varian module that supplied power to the sensor, that had its own inbuilt frequency counter and display and which also provided an audio tone proportional to the Larmor Frequency. This latter feature not only alerted the operator to magnetic anomalies being traversed but it also provided a valuable monitor should the orientation of the sensor drop out of its operating zone. Data from a serial port on the Varian module was FSK encoded as was done in the prototype and then recorded in real time using one of the two stereo tape tracks. As with its predecessor, the second tape track was used to record voice notes of observations relevant to the interpretation of the magnetic data. The TM-2 was a robust and compact little unit that performed many thousands of survey km for mineral exploration, archaeological survey and in the first application of digital technology with its quality-audit capability to the detection and remediation of contaminated sites containing unexploded ordnance.

Absolute Total Field measurement.

Resolution: 0.1 nT @ 10 Hz.

Serial Number: 1

Year of manufacture: 1980

Origin: Geophysical Research Institute. Armidale, Australia

Weight: Sensor; 1.9 kg, Controller; 4 kg, Battery pack; 6 kg