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2016 IP processing and QC Workshop

Geophysicists and software writers involved in acquiring or processing IP data as well as those receiving processed data for inversion who want to understand what has happened to the data prior to them receiving it.

This workshop was organised by Kim Frankcombe.

Part 1: QC and inversion of stacked and binned data

  1. TQIP (Dave McInnes)
  2. Processing IP Data with addendum (Kim Frankcombe)
  3. Editing and Modelling IP datasets (Jeremy Barrett)
  4. TQIP (Nigel Cantwell)
  5. Sources of Noise (Pete Rowston & Kim Frankcombe)
  6. IP Inversion Challenge (John Paine & Bob Smith)

Part 2: Producing stacked and binned data from the time series

  1. gDAS IP time series data processing (Jeremy Barrett)
  2. IP Data processing from time series to decays (John Paine)
  3. DIAS32 3D Signal Processing (Glenn Chubak)
  4. Doubling the spectrum of TD IP (Gianluca Fiandaca, Esben Auken, Per-Ivar Olsen, Jakob Jull Larsen, Anders Vest Christiansen, Torleif Dahlin)
  5. Data Acquisition and Processing of a Distributed 3D Induced Polarisation Imaging system (Jean Bernard)
  6. IP with SMARTem24 (Andrew Duncan)
  7. Full-waveform IP processing (Nick Williams)
  8. The Volterra System (Syd Visser)