b'Geophysics in the surveysNewsGeoscience Australia: NewsGeoscience Australia, in collaboration with the GeologicalAusAEM1additional product releaseSurveys of Western Australia, South Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania are soonWhile originally released in early 2019 through GAs to release several substantial airborne geophysical datasets,e-catalogue and EFTF portal, the AusAEM1 record has including the first tranches of AusAEM2, inverted data from thenow been updated to include all of the 1500 line km of Cobar AEM survey, and new high resolution airborne magneticinfill flying funded by private exploration companies. The and radiometric datasets over central NT and South Australia -package contains a) survey logistics and processing report, just to name a few. Outlined in Figure 1, these datasets provideb) final processed electromagnetic, magnetic and elevation leading-edge continental pre-competitive datasets of ever- point located line data, c) processed electromagnetic, increasing quality and type. For March 2020, some highlightsmagnetic and elevation grids, d) point located conductivity include: estimates from EM Flow and e) multi-plots of line data and conductivity sections. All of the products were produced by the contractor CGG Aviation (Australia) Pty Ltd.Updated national gravity compilationThe package also includes inversion results generated As reported last month, Geoscience Australia is currentlyusing GAs sample-by sample layered-earth (1D) inversion, a updating the national gravity compilation. The new free-airdeterministic regularized gradient-based algorithm, which compilation, combining ground, marine, satellite and airbornewe call GALEISBS (Brodie, 2016). The process simultaneously data for the first time into seamless stitch, will be joined byinverts the vector sum of measured X-and Z-component the Bouguer-reduced dataset in early May. Both grids will bedata to produce a single smooth layered conductivity model. available for download via Geoscience Australias electronicMoredetails can be found in Brodie, 2016 and Ley-Cooper catalogue: https://ecat.ga.gov.au/geonetwork. etal, 2019.Figure 1.2018 -2020 geophysical surveyscompleted, in progress or planned by Geoscience Australia in collaboration with State and Territory agencies.13 PREVIEW APRIL 2020'