b'Geophysics in the surveysNewsFigure 2.Screenshot of the new GADDS front enddelivered through the EFTF portal: https://portal.ga.gov.au/.The AusAEM Year 1 survey was flown from 4 August 201731service will be expanded to cater for airborne EM, airborne July 2018, using the 25 Hz TEMPEST airborne electromagneticgravity/gradiometry and other n-dimensional regular and (AEM) system owned by CGG Aviation (Australia) Pty Ltd underirregular-spaced datasets (Figure 2).contract to Geoscience Australia. It acquired with a 20-kilometreFor the moment, GADDS will continue to faithfully deliver line separation and collected over 60 000 line kilometres oflocated datasets for surveys archived before June 2019. For data in total. The survey area covers the Newcastle Waters andlocated survey data acquired afterwards, please contact GAs Alice Springs 1:1 Million map sheets in the Northern Territory,client services (clientservices@ga.gov.au) or Mike Barlow plus the Normanton and Cloncurry 1:1 Million map sheets inonmike.barlow@ga.gov.au.Queensland.Geoscience Australias GADDS ReferencesGAs new Geophysical Archive Data Delivery System (GADDS)Brodie, R.C., GA-AEM Source Code Repository, 2016, https://is on track for beta releasebefore the end of June 2020.github.com/GeoscienceAustralia/gaaemDelivered through the Exploring for the Future (EFTF) portal,Ley-Cooper, A. Y., R. C. Brodie, and M. Richardson, 2019. the GIS interface will make it much easier to select, clip, shipAusAEM: Australias Airborne Electromagnetic Continental-and zip located and point data from GAs electronic catalogue.Scale Acquisition Program. Exploration Geophysics, 51, 1-10,Beginning with magnetics, radiometric and gravity, the delivery(doi.10.1080/08123985.2019.1694393).APRIL 2020 PREVIEW 14'