b'Geophysics in the surveysNewsGeological Survey of New South Wales: MinEx CRC data acquisition kicks off in New South WalesThe Geological Survey of New SouthIn NSW, MinEx CRC focuses on fivearea, which will inform government, Wales (GSNSW) and Geoscience Australiaregions in the states central and farmineral explorers and farmers. The (GA) coordinated the largest airbornewest, which represent the undercoverdrought in NSW has increased the need electromagnetic (AEM) survey ever flownextensions of known mineralisedto find groundwater as communities, in NSW in SeptemberOctober 2019. Theterranes (Figure 1). farmers, mining companies and local survey was aided by near-perfect weather,As part of the overall data-acquisitiongovernment struggle to secure water so finished early and within budget. strategy, GSNSW plans to collect newsupplies. AEM surveys have been flown geophysical data over each area. in many parts of Australia to detect and The AEM survey was undertaken asmap groundwater systems.part of the NSW commitment to theThe Cobar MinEx CRC airborne MinEx Cooperative Research Centreelectromagnetic (AEM) survey wasNew Resolutions Geophysics (NRG) (MinEx CRC). This collaboration bringsflown in SeptemberOctober 2019acquired 7000 line km of AEM data using together industry, government, researchand covered the greater Cobar Basin,a helicopter-borne Xcite time-domain organisations and universities to furtherincluding the North and South Cobarelectromagnetic (HTDEM) system. The our understanding of geology, mineralMinEx CRC focus areas (Figure 2). Thesurvey covered 19 000 km2 which is deposits and groundwater resources ininformation collected will improveabout one and a half times the size covered terrains and develop new toolsour knowledge of the geology andof Greater Metropolitan Sydney. The for exploring under cover. groundwater resources of the surveyhelicopterflew along eastwest lines Figure 1.Map of NSW showing the five MinEx CRC focus areas in NSW.23 PREVIEW APRIL 2020'